Snow+ brief introduction – A pod vape looks not bad

Recently, an e-cigarette brand called Snow+ is frequently appearing in public. They are present in various e-cigarette exhibitions, music festivals, trending culture exhibitions. Meanwhile, information and discussions about the Snow+ are constantly appearing on various social media.

2019 Taihu Midi Music Festival Snow+ Factory
2019 Taihu Midi Music Festival Snow+ Factory during Labor Day

Snow+ pod vape and its subsidiary products are developed by Reverie Lab, which was founded in 2016 in New York, USA. Reverie Lab has completed hundreds of millions of financing overseas, focusing on providing safe and healthy nicotine replacements for consumers around the world.

Snow plus pod vape is currently updated on the basis of the Reverie Lab’s pod vape that has been selling well in Europe and America for many years.


Snow+ overall design is very fresh, simple and stylish.
Snow+ comes with five colors, each set contains a vape device and two different flavors of cartridges.
The color of the vape is metallic matte texture, but when you touch it, it is very pleasant – it is like touching the baby’s soft skin. This kind of feel is because the surface of the vape has a layer of skin-friendly coating, which makes people feel more comfortable when they are in their hands. It’s a very careful design.


Snow+ pod uses the most advanced TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic atomization technology, AeroAir air intake technology, food-grade fruit and vegetable glycerin and high-purity organic nicotine salt, medical grade plastic material cigarette holders in line with the US Food and Drug Administration and EU standards. It reduces the absorption of tar, benzene and carbon monoxide from traditional cigarettes.

TrueFeel is a unique vaping technology that other brands don’t have. It makes the vapor smooth and vaping experience great and consistent. 



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