SnowPlus made its debut at Birmingham Vaper EXPO UK

On October 25, the Birmingham vape exhibition Vaper EXPO UK was officially launched. Hundreds of vape companies from China and the world participated in the exhibition. This vape exhibition is an important industry exchange after the U.S. e-cigarette market goes down.


SnowPlus, a smart vape brand from China, actively participated in the exhibition and conducted industry exchanges and resource introduction through the exhibition platform. With Derek Li, Head of International Business, and Frank Wang, International Marketing Director, leading the team, the company has achieved significant achievements in 3 aspects including sales channel cooperation, supply chain expansion and marketing resource collaboration.


SnowPlus brand is committed to providing smart and innovative alternative way of smoking for global consumers. The products in this exhibition include the classic starter kit of SnowPlus, more than ten flavors of pods, e-coffee with zero nicotine content, smokeless pods and limited NEON edition.

For more information, please visit the official website of SnowPlus:


SnowPlus will participate in more exhibitions and brand joint projects around the world and look forward to more global collaborations in the near future.


For cooperation, please contact [email protected]


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