SnowPlus is further stretching its layout both offline and online – Working together with CNPC

After receiving $40 million in round A financial capital, SnowPlus began the next round of expansion. Recently, in the three places of Taiyuan, Shanghai and Guangzhou, all the senior managers of SnowPlus came on the stage to explain in detail the development track, brand spirit, product advantages and future development direction of SnowPlus for the distributors and agents who came to attend the conference. As an electronic cigarette merchants conference, it not only attracted many young distributors, but also many old smokers who smoked traditional cigarettes for a lifetime.

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In 2019, when the domestic e-cigarette market showed an explosive growth trend, numerous brands competing to appear, SnowPlus has become one of the most dazzling stars. As the most popular newcomer in the electronic cigarette industry, besides having a full personality appearance and more than a dozen flavors, the idea of DNA and creative team inside the product adds a fashionable charm to the market once positioned in the 3C product.

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Just like their slogan, “Let the future happen ahead of time.” The coolest e-cigarette brand created by the post-90s entrepreneurship team is preparing to take their brand’s enthusiasm to a new level.

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At the sales channel meeting, the relevant person in charge of SnowPlus highlighted the recent market situation of the electronic cigarette industry, as well as the upcoming business opportunities, and more detailed on the market expansion, operation mode, policy support and other details of SnowPlus electronic cigarettes, with the purpose of communicating and preaching with the distributors present, in order to break all the unknown issues and establish closer cooperation.

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As a new C-end product in recent years, electronic cigarette is breaking through the technical bottleneck step by step. Consumers need not only an excellent product, but also more links with the brand, as well as the story behind the brand, the spirit. “The brand represents my attitude toward life.” It is the expression used by many young people nowadays.

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The SnowPlus founding team of the post-90s naturally understands this mentality of young people. On the basis of creating a high-quality electronic cigarette product, they make high-quality products and distinctive brand stories shine together. SnowPlus’s business fair not only attracted many young people, but also some middle-aged people who smoked traditional cigarettes for a lifetime. Most of them are recommended by their children. After trying, they have experienced the different feelings brought by excellent products.

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Before SnowPlus became cool, the SnowPlus team never forgot to launch high-quality products that would be acceptable to more people. SNOWPLUS is not only the coolest electronic cigarette in the young population, but also the best electronic cigarette in all age groups. After the end of the SnowPlus merchants fair, SnowPlus is known to more people, will bring more power in the future.

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In reply to reader:

After getting financed successfully, SnowPlus looks like to have gotten a shot in the arm and is full of energy now.

Vape.Hk reader asks:

I hope you are well.  What do you all think about the growth of SnowPlus?  Have you been able to find the product?

The growth of SnowPlus

SnowPlus is developing and growing quite well and rapidly. It has a great chance outracing RELX. The true rising star is SnowPlus now.

News 1: Snowplus is preparing for the future. News. 2: Snowplus lead the trend of vape industry by holding vape party. News 3: Snowplus Taiyuan Investment Conference is held successful. News 4: Snowplus enters Qianyu Restaurant – Thousands of shops in China now. News 5: Snowplus got the largest finance in last 6 month.

In the interview to SnowPlus on July 12th by, SnowPlus manager mentioned,” SnowPlus is also the partner of China National Petroleum Corporation.” CNPC, the state-owned petroleum monopoly business, a company in the world top 500 enterprises list.  We asked, “So how do you collaborate with the CNPC?” She responded, “We get the permission to put our vapes in their gas station convenience stores, and they sell the SnowPlus for us.” There is no vape brand in China can achieve this, but SnowPlus did it. From this, you can infer that SnowPlus must have some strong relationship with the government.

snowplus CNPC

Besides that, SnowPlus is also on the shelf on OT, the most popular night club in Beijing, China. And night clubs like One Third, Sir Teen, in other districts in China also sell SnowPlus.

snowplus night club one third sir tean

The offline sales channel strength of SnowPlus is obviously strong.

We asked, “Do you have a plan for developing the overseas market?” SnowPlus,” Yes, we’ll do that in the very near future.”

Have you been able to find the product

Yes. SnowPlus vapes are mainly sold offline by its agents in night clubs, supermarket and convenience stores now. And it’s also available on JD mall at 298 yuan for its starter kit.  Contact me and I can buy and ship it to you.

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