SnowPlus vape partners with Mountain Hotel to build healthy smoke-free guest room

SnowPlus Electronic Cigarette and Shell Friends Hotels Management Group announced the strategic cooperation on June 28th. SnowPlus cooperates with Island and Mountain two boutique hotels under Shell Friend to promote the sales of SnowPlus vapes, and promote the integration of business formats and enhance the experience of consumers’ accommodation.

According to Shell Friends, the hotel company invested by OYO Rooms, the two brands of hotels have covered more than 110 cities in China at present, with up to thousands of hotels, more than 30,000 online rooms, and more than 200,000 paying customers currently.

snowplus hotel

Wang Sa, founder of SnowPlus electronic cigarette, believes that SnowPlus’ development of hundreds of hotel sales channel is a breakthrough. “Smokeless rooms have become the standard of high-quality hotels. At the same time, based on fire protection, health and other considerations, electronic cigarettes in the hotel scene have huge market potential to be developed. What’s more, it also brings more safe and healthy choices to the hotel guests. ”

Li Haobo, co-founder and COO of Shell Friends, said that in May, Island and Mountain launched a business integration strategy in terms of improving hotel revenue and consumer experience. He said that the hotel will give full play to the role of the platform in the form of “hotel +” as the fourth space. It will introduce strict brand selection standard and open up the supply chain. And it will provide food, drink and entertainment consumption entrance for a good journey, which guide users to a rich category of consumption closed-loop without leaving home.

snowplus hotel

It is reported that the cooperation will be provided by Shell Friends’ Island and Mountain hotels. SnowPlus will provide a complete supply chain, sales and after-sales service system, and gradually spread out in more than 1300 hotels in more than 110 cities throughout the country.


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