Snowplus Secures Production License from China’s Tobacco Authority

Snowplus has received a production license from China’s State Tobacco Monopoly Administration, allowing an annual production of 80 million vape pods. The license signifies the company’s intent to contribute to a regulated vaping industry.

Regulatory Landscape

While the U.S. has stringent regulations on vaping products, the rise of counterfeit versions has led to safety concerns. Snowplus emphasizes the importance of certified products in maintaining industry standards.

In-House Development

Snowplus states that its products are developed internally, involving specialists in R&D centers. The company operates one of the largest e-cigarette manufacturing facilities globally.

Investor Support

Established in 2019, Snowplus has backing from investment firms like Zhen Fund and Sequoia. The company claims to adhere to over 60 testing criteria to ensure product safety and quality.

Safety Measures

Derek Li, Snowplus co-founder, expresses concern over the increasing number of counterfeit vapes. The company has invested more than $2 million in quality and safety research, including tests for e-liquid leakage and battery performance.


Snowplus aims to set safety and quality standards in the vaping industry, backed by its recent production license. The company’s focus on in-house development and rigorous testing highlights its commitment to product reliability.


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