Storz & Bickel Onyx Volcano Hybrid

Superior Taste Experience

About the Product

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid is an advanced vaporizer that utilizes the latest convection heating system to deliver smooth and flavorful hits. The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer by Storz & Bickel is ideal for those who want to stay at home and vape in comfort. Its fast heat-up time means you can start vaping almost immediately after turning it on. The Volcano Hybrid comes with both a tube and balloon system, allowing you to customize your vapor draws and get the most out of your device. What’s more, the Onyx Volcano Hybrid is made in Germany, and has included a three-year warranty with their product so that any issues you may have can be addressed quickly and easily.

Volcano Hybrid Onyx Attachments
Volcano Hybrid Onyx Attachments

The Heat

Unlike other models which heat up the material directly on the surface of the chamber, the Volcano Hybrid uses a powerful 100-watt heater to propel air through the vapor path, ensuring that users get an aromatic vape without any combustion. This convection-based heating also gives users precise temperature control with temperature settings adjustable between 104 °F and 446 °F, allowing them to explore a full flavor spectrum while making use of an LED display monitor to keep track of their chosen temperature. This advanced device allows users to unleash their creativity and explore two distinct inhalation methods: a classic S&B Volcano balloon bag, or with a whip delivery system.

Volcano Hybrid Onyx Bag
Volcano Hybrid Onyx Bag

The App

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Hybrid is a revolutionary vaporizer that allows users to enjoy their vapor in the convenience of their own homes. Its accompanying app, available for Android devices on the App Store, allows users to customize and personalize their experience. The app connects via Bluetooth between your device and the Hybrid, allowing you to update firmware and create personalized workflows based on your preferences. For those who don’t have an Android device, the browser-based app will give you access to all of the same features. With the Volcano Hybrid App, you can enjoy a unique and personalized vaping experience from anywhere in your home.

Included in Box

  • 1 pc. Power Cord
  • 3 pcs. EASY VALVE Balloon with Mouthpiece
  • 1 pc. EASY VALVE Balloon with Adapter
  • 1 pc. Tube Kit
  • 1 pc. Filling Chamber
  • 1 pc. Air Filter Set
  • 1 pc. Herb Mill
  • 1 pc. Instructions for Use
Volcano Hybrid Onyx Top
Volcano Hybrid Onyx Top

The Onyx Volcano Hybrid vaporizer from Storz & Bickel is the ultimate expression of vaping technology. The Hybrid Volcano offers an incredibly smooth and efficient experience compared to its predecessor. It is also lightning fast, heating up 10 times faster than the Volcano Digit. Plus, an intuitive app provides complete control over your sessions, allowing you to adjust settings such as temperature and heat-up time with precision and accuracy. Enjoy consistent vaporization and maximum flavor every time with the Onyx Volcano Hybrid vaporizer.

Available Online

Volcano Hybrid Onyx Base
Volcano Hybrid Onyx Base
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