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The Davinci ARTIQ (510) Cartridge Vaporizer

Reduces Heat 90% + 500 Pulls on One Battery


The ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer is a unique and innovative cartridge vaporizer designed to provide maximum flavor and comfort with its cleverly concealed chamber, extended airpath, and adjustable temperature settings. Whether you’re looking for a discreet device to take on the go or something powerful enough to get the job done, the ARTIQ is the perfect choice.

Design and Features

The design of the ARTIQ is sleek and modern, featuring a fully concealed chamber with an elongated airpath that helps to reduce heat by up to 90%. This allows for much cooler vapor which provides a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, the device has three temperature settings (preheat, low/medium/high) so you can find your perfect level of vaporization. It also has haptic feedback that helps you ensure that you get just the right amount of draw each time. And, it comes with pass-through charging so you never have to be without it – just plug in via USB Type-C.

To use this device all you need is a standard 510 cartridge – no additional accessories are required as everything is included in the box including cleaning tools, extra magnetic collars, extra gasket seals and even a USB Type-C cable for charging. The battery life on this device is quite impressive as well– lasting around 500 draws from a single charge – meaning it’s great if you plan on using it often or taking it on trips.

ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer on Desk
Davinci ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer


  • 1X ARTIQ cartridge vaporizer
  • 1X USB Type-C Cable
  • Cleaning tools
  • 2x extra magnetic collars
  • 2x extra gasket seals
  • 1x User Manual


The performance of this vaporizer speaks for itself – delivering truly cool vapor every time thanks to its unique design features such as its elongated airpath which provides an average vapor temperature of 84°F (28°C) compared to other top loading 510 devices which produce temperatures upwards of 153°F (67°C). Plus, its adjustable temperature settings mean that each session can be tailored perfectly depending on what kind of experience you’re after – whether it’s big clouds or minimal use.

Overall, there’s no denying that the ARTIQ Cartridge Vaporizer is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an easy-to-use yet powerful device that delivers delicious flavor every time without compromising safety standards or convenience factor. So why not give it a try today?


Four heat modes to choose from:  Preheat: 1.8v  Low: 2.8v  Medium: 3.2v  High: 3.6v

Artic Cartridge Vaporizer Specs

  • Features: Cools Vapor by 90%, 4 heat modes, haptic heartbeat feedback
  • Heating Method: Cartridges are user-supplied
  • Heat-Up Time: 3 seconds
  • Battery: Type 760 mAH internal battery, rechargeable.
  • Communication: 1 light plus haptic feedback
  • Capacity: Most 0.5g to 1.0g cartridges
  • Safety: Heavy Metals Tested. Rohs Certified.
  • Dimensions: 24mm x 42mm x 90mm
  • Weight: 150g
  • Warranty: 1 year

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