The Fourth Generation of IQOS Spy Photos Exposure

After four years of upgrades and improvements, IQOS has been upgraded from the initial version to the 2.4 version, which has become the most popular 2.4Plus. Compared to Vape, its update speed is too slow, everyone wants to know when will next generation be released. Recently, we saw a group of spy photos of the fourth generation IQOS.

Although the authenticity of the spy map cannot be guaranteed, for reference only, we can see from the figure that the fourth generation IQOS is really different from the previous generations.

The surface material of the heating rod is biased towards the skin-like feeling. The charging box is much different than before, and the side opening is used to add a sense of technology.

The previous 3 upgrades of IQOS

1: Reinforce heating sheet

2: Adjust the brightness of the LED light

3: Enhance the capacity of the charging box

4: Increase the heating rod vibration function

5: Reduce heating rod charging time

6: Enhance the sealing of the heating rod “pen cap”

7: Korean version of IQOS adds Bluetooth

8: Various small data adjustments

After three upgrades, IQOS has evolved a lot, but there is still plenty of room for optimization. How will the fourth generation of IQOS be upgraded? It is still unknown.

Remarks: The main material comes from the great steam home


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