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The VapeCon 2023 South Africa Overview, Closed Pod System with Large Capacity is Getting more Popular

The VapeCon 2023 South Africa has come to an end. Based on the performance during the exhibition, disposables vape is getting less popular then usual, while closed pod system is favored by industry insiders.

According to the information of the organizer, more than 100 exhibitors showed up at the exhibition, including traditional vape, closed pod system, disposable and e-juice manufactures. MYLE, ANYX, MOTI and other internationally renowned e-cigarette brands. , it is said that the numbers of visitors came to this exhibition has been reduced by half. VUSE, a subsidiary of British American Tobacco, did not participate in the exhibition, and RELX was also absent from the exhibition.


From 1st June 2023, nicotine alternatives in South Africa, including vaping products, will now be subject to an excise tax of ZAR 2.90 ($0.15) per milliliter. The South African VapeCon is the first industry exhibition after the implementation of the South African vaping tax policy. South Africa’s per capita GNI is 14,340 PPP (about 770USD), and cost-effective products may become the first choice of users. Therefore, from a long-term perspective, this policy will lead to the popular trend of large-capacity vape products. Large-capacity closed pod system will become the future trend.

After interviewed the heads of several exhibitors at the show, the performance of traditional vape brands is not satisfactory, and the interest of consumers and dealers has begun to turn to closed pod systems. MYLE also showcased their META BOX, a disposable vape up to 5000 puffs . Although VUSE did not came to the show, but after visiting the local VUSE store, I learned that the VUSE GO which supports up to 1500 puffs are more popular among consumers.

What surprised me is that the new product ANYX MAX PLUS released by ANYX at the show. This is a closed pod system that supports up to 8,000 puffs. Lee, the head of ANYX South Africa market, said: “You know, ANYX always hear from our users and made our products popular to diverse vapors, ANYX MAX PLUS uses the cotton core technology of the family SENSIT COIL, which can delivers consistent, rich, and long-lasting satisfaction for vapors.”  Usually, it remains us disposable vapes when we talk about puffs up to thousands, but the quality control has always been regarded as long-term issue, meanwhile,  the battery wastes comes with pollution. ANYX MAX PLUS is more cost-effective for users. “ The price of repurchasing a pod is lower than a disposable vape of the same capacity. Also closed pod system grows loyalty of our users”. says Lee.

Ruffro, a well-dressed young man who came to ANYX booth said: “I already have an ANYX PRO kit, and the SENSIT COIL is really something dope, but, as an night shift guy, I got lack of pod often, This 8000 puffs MAX PLUS is exactly what I want!”


It has been reported that: “E-cigarettes may become more expensive than regular cigarettes due to tax-induced price increases. This may lead people to choose smoking, which is contrary to the goal of reducing tobacco use. A growing unregulated market. Asanda Gcoyi, a prominent figure at the Vapor Products Association of South Africa (VPASA), warns that such a high tax could force small businesses to close, resulting in job losses. In addition, it could create a risk for companies that are not properly certified demand for cheaper vaping products.”

However, the editor believes that under the premise of complying with local regulations, major brands can launch products that consumers prefer from the perspective of future development and from the perspective of users, which is the way to long-term survival. Vaping is the future. During the standardization process of the entire industry, the game among the government, brands, and consumers is essential. The process of standardization is the process of finding a balance point. A smart balance between regulation and harm reduction is critical to creating an environment where smokers have access to less harmful alternatives. Finding the right balance between regulations and harm reduction programs is a challenging task that will shape South Africa’s stance on vaping for years to come.

Combining the current policy and market response, closed pod system with large capacity may be the choice of the future market.


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