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Vape Evolution: How a Groundbreaking 8-Year Study Reveals a Shift in Vaping Culture

A groundbreaking 8-year longitudinal study led by Jean-François Etter at the University of Geneva provides a comprehensive look at long-term, continuous electronic cigarette users. This study, involving 375 participants who were tracked from 2012 to 2021, offers valuable insights into the behaviors, attitudes, and dependence levels of these users over time.

Key findings include:

  1. Reduced Tobacco Use: A significant drop in tobacco smoking was observed, with only 11% of participants smoking tobacco in 2021 compared to 33% at the study’s start.
  2. Changing Preferences: There was a shift from second-generation e-cigarettes (like Ego) to more advanced models (like box mods). Participants also preferred larger refill bottles and were twice as likely to use home-made e-liquids.
  3. Flavor and Nicotine Trends: A decrease in the use of tobacco flavors and a reduction in nicotine concentration from 12 to 6 mg/mL were noted.
  4. Dependence and Urges: The study recorded a decrease in the e-cigarette dependence score and a reduction in the frequency and intensity of urges to vape.
  5. Shifting Reasons for Vaping: Fewer participants vaped to cope with smoking cessation symptoms or to quit smoking. Instead, they vaped mostly for enjoyment and because they perceived it as less harmful than smoking.

Vape Evolution: From Quitting Smoke to Embracing Vape Culture

Let’s chat about this epic 8-year study on vaping straight outta Geneva. It’s been a wild ride from 2012 to 2021, tracking 375 vapers to see how their habits have evolved. And guess what? The results are pretty mind-blowing and super relevant for us in the vape world.

First up, big news: fewer peeps are lighting up the old tobacco sticks. Only 11% were still smoking in 2021, compared to 33% at the start. That’s huge! It shows that switching to vaping is actually helping folks ditch the cigs.

Now, let’s talk gear and juice. Vapers have seriously levelled up their game. We’ve gone from those basic pen-style vapes to the beastly box mods. And, we’re now mixing our own e-liquids more than ever. DIY for the win! Plus, the nicotine strength in e-juices has halved from 12 mg/mL to a smoother 6 mg/mL. Seems like we’re all getting the hang of this vaping thing and finding our sweet spot.

Here’s the kicker: our dependence on vaping has actually dropped. That’s right, the urge to hit the vape has gone down, and more vapers reckon they could quit vaping if they wanted to. It’s not just about quitting smokes anymore; it’s more about enjoying the vape life, knowing it’s a smarter choice than smoking.

So, what’s the takeaway from all this? Vaping’s not just a fad or a stopgap for quitting cigs. It’s a lifestyle that’s evolving, getting safer, and more enjoyable. We’re seeing a shift in the vape culture, with folks vaping for the love of it and feeling good about the choices they’re making.

Keep on vaping, folks! Remember, it’s all about finding what works for you and enjoying the ride. And hey, it’s always cool to see science backing up what we’ve known all along – vaping rocks!


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