Vaporesso factory visit – More details on the the famous vape manufacturing brand

Shenzhen is the world’s largest e-cigarette production base, and also the world’s largest concentration of e-cigarette exports. Long time ago, when electronic cigarettes were called “garbage”, they were delayed by immature technology; long time ago, the era of mod vapes began to spread, but when they came to the streets, they would be regarded as alien; until now, the opening of the era of pod vapes has made electronic cigarette products popular and gradually on the right track.

At this stage of the domestic electronic cigarette market, cartridge-changing electronic cigarettes (pod vape products) are the best-selling products. In addition to appearance, performance and price, the most important thing is the quality of vape juice and cartridges of pod vape type, which wants to be recognized by the public. Although the problem of oil leakage of cartridges has been mostly improved at this stage, there are still a large number of products with problems like oil leakage, burnt core and so on. If we want to solve the oil spill disease thoroughly, we need the joint efforts of major brands to satisfy consumers.

Shenzhen Smoore Co., Ltd. is a technological innovation enterprise specializing in research, development, production and sales of electronic cigarette and open electronic atomization devices. Smoore was founded in 2006 to provide innovative and safe vapes and atomization devices. At present, Shenzhen Smoore Co., Ltd. has developed into one of the largest electronic cigarette manufacturers in the world. Its business includes ODM and private brand. Vaporesso is its own electronic cigarette brand. Vaporesso upholds the brand belief of “Beyond the Ordinary” and stands in the global forest of electronic cigarettes.

On the morning of April 17, 2019, Vape hk had the privilege of visiting Vaporesso manufacturing factory. Because of the relationship between time and distance, we only visited a manufacturing factory in Baoan District of Vaporesso, which made us deeply shocked, as well as the belief in the brand of Vaporesso. And the manufacturer implies the media in the vape circle together to witness the “tip of the iceberg” of Vaporesso’s strength.

The users may know how to use electronic cigarettes, but they do not know the precision and deviation of the assembly parts of electronic cigarettes. Each electronic cigarette cannot be built without the test and a combination of high-precision accessories. The perfect matching of various accessories can make the product more perfect use experience. The assembly of all kinds of pod vapes, mainframe and cigarette sticks, and the even distribution of many workers in the picture, create a stable, accurate and ruthless production situation of the products. Every kind of electronic cigarette will appear “reworked products”, but in the “reworked product area”, the writer only sees a few products placed, which is enough to show that the manufacturer is strict with the employees and the employees are strict with the products.

After leaving the assembly area, the responsible person jointly enters the dust-free workshop with the media, visiting the more precise assembly area of atomizing core parts and the precision test area of atomizing core parts. Dust-free workshop, as its name implies, can not have any pollution sources, to ensure the safety and quality of accessories and products. Before entering, you need to change your clothes, from the hat to the mask, completely wrap yourself up and put the bacteria in. Then I went into the air shower room and experienced a handful of strong winds before I could enter the area for a visit finally.

The assembly stage can only be released after checking the precision and finished degree of each level, ranging from the shell of atomizing core to the silicone package of atomizing core. Every component assembly from large to small, and professional assembly step by step, to enhance staff’s in-depth understanding of the components, but also greatly increase the efficiency of assembly. Familiar with the goods, we can better serve the public.
Finally, we visited the Vaporesso new product production area, ZERO, AURORA PLAY and other explosive and potential stock products, which are distributed in the form of pipeline. It can be seen that Vaporesso’s explosive products have a stronger advantage than other manufacturers products.

After the visit, the person in charge and the media side sat together in the conference room to rest. After chatting, Vaporesso is equipped with nine production bases, which match the standards of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485, GMP CAC/RCP 1969-2003 and REV 4.0. There are more than 11,000 skilled workers. At present, there are 359 professional engineers in the R&D department, of which 37% are PhD and Master. So far, there are more than 900 key patented basic technologies and design models. It has to be said that Vaporesso’s amazing strength has shocked me, and it is difficult for all factories and employees, as well as professional engineers, to make a good brand. Therefore, we have great confidence and trust in Vaporesso products and ceramic atomizing cores.

Although Vaporesso has excellent strength at this stage, we are more confident that in the near future, Vaaporesso will make more improvement than it does now. And these improvements depend on the unremitting efforts of a brand and employees, excellent creativity and strong alliance, in order to achieve the leadership in vape field. We believe Vaporesso upholds the brand belief of “Beyond the Ordinary” and will eventually be among the top e-cigarettes in the world.


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