VAPORESSO Looks Back on a Bumper Year of Award Wins

Shenzhen, China, Dec. 27, 2022  — For VAPORESSO, the innovator of the vaping industry, the year 2022 has been a watershed year as VAPORESSO racked up accolades and praise from design houses and institutes around the world. As its slogan Move Beyond Ordinary suggests, the brand has followed its spirit of going beyond the ordinary and pursuing excellence, which enabled it to earn more than 70 awards within a year.


The company picked up a raft of plaudits throughout the year at home and abroad from industry authorities as the American MUSE Design Awards, the German Design Awards, and Red Dot Awards, as well as the CMF Design Awards in China the year before.


VAPORESSO prioritizes innovative, reliable, and stylized products as part of its Move Beyond Ordinary value proposition and customer-centric philosophy. Its LUXE X has been praised for its exceptional sci-fi-like appearance, highlighting the brand’s innovation and style, also raising the industry standard for product design and aesthetics.


Building on another Red Dot Award they won the year before, the VAPORESSO XROS 2 is the only open-pod-system vaping product on the market to bring home a Red Dot Award in 2022 for design. In December, the celebrated institution, the German Design Council, granted VAPORESSO Special Mentions for its XROS 3, the upgraded version of XROS 2, as well as ZERO S and LUXE X, lauding them for their ergonomic design features.


The prestigious American MUSE Design Awards recognized VAPORESSO as a global leader in creative design in October, granting the company six awards for product design (two Gold for the VAPORESSO LUXE X and ZERO S, and four Silver for the XROS 3, XROS NANO, GEN 200, and GEN 80S). In November 2021, VAPORESSO’s efforts in design received recognition a little closer to home with a win in China’s CMF Design Awards.


VAPORESSO is no stranger to drawing praise for its design efforts. The brand’s products have also received over 60 awards in various industrial media’s best vaping product lists. Furthermore, extensive positive reviews of the XROS 3, LUXE X, and LUXE QS have also appeared on popular vaping media sites, that have been rooted in the industry as professionals for years and enjoyed a high reputation among vaping enthusiasts. The XROS 3 and LUXE X have received near-perfect ratings in a number of reviews, and many vaping media outlets have stated that the LUXE QS is one of the best MTL Pods available today.


“For VAPORESSO, this year of award wins serves as the ultimate recognition of our efforts as we continue to listen to the voice of our customers,” said Simon Lai, CEO of VAPORESSO. “We are committed to continuing on our path to innovate as we look to create the best user experience with the craftsmanship of the highest level.”


VAPORESSO was created in 2015 by parent company SMOORE which was founded in 2006, making our companies history one of the longest in vaping. Through inheriting over 13 years of industry experience, we are able to truly realise our dream of leading the market with creative, innovative breakthroughs. Owning over 1000 patents and growing daily. DISCLAIMER
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