VAPORESSO XROS PRO Review: Solid Mirror-like Surface Pod Vape Kit

As a passionate vaper, I recently had the chance to try out the VAPORESSO XROS PRO, and let me tell you, it’s been quite an experience. This sleek device caught my eye with its mirror-like surface – smooth, elegant, and incredibly stylish. It’s the kind of vape that doesn’t just perform well; it looks good doing it.

Key Features of the XROS PRO:

  • Precision Power Up to 30W: This is a game-changer for cloud chasers and flavor enthusiasts alike. More power means more control over your vaping experience.
  • Industry’s First Super Pulse Pod: This isn’t just another pod; it’s a leap forward in vaping technology.
  • Quick Charging Battery (1200mAh, 35-Minute Full Charge): Who has time to wait around? This device gets you back to vaping in no time.
  • 3ML Top-Fill Pod with a 0.4 Ohm Coil: Generous capacity and a coil that delivers both on flavor and vapor production.
  • User-Friendly Screen & Slide-Lock Firing: Keeping things straightforward, yet innovative.

XROS Pods – Full Compatibility: XROS PRO’s versatility shines here. It seamlessly pairs with a variety of pods, ranging from 0.4ohm to 1.2ohm, including both 3ml and 2ml options. This means you can switch up your experience without needing a new device.


Specifications – A Closer Look:

  • Dimensions: 24.4×18.45×119.7mm. A perfect fit for any hand or pocket.
  • Pod Capacity: 3ml. Enough to keep you vaping without constant refills.
  • Resistance: 0.4ohm. Ideal for a balance of flavor and vapor.
  • Battery Capacity: 1200mAh. Long-lasting for extended vape sessions.
  • Charging: Quick and efficient with Type-C, 2A.
  • Display: A 0.42″ OLED Screen accompanied by LED light indicators for a comprehensive vaping experience.


Unboxing the XROS PRO:

Here’s what greets you when you open the box:

  • 1 XROS PRO Battery
  • 1 Pre-installed XROS Series 0.4R MESH Pod
  • 1 Extra XROS Series 0.42 MESH Pod
  • Type-C Charging Cable
  • Reminder Card
  • User Manual & Warranty Card

How to Use the XROS PRO:

  1. Pod Installation & Replacement:how to use xros prohassle-free process. Just pull out the old pod and pop in the new one.
  2. Filling E-liquid: Easy top-fill method with a secure mouthpiece to prevent leaks.
  3. Adjusting Airflow: Tailor your vaping experience with a simple toggle.
  4. Powering On/Off: A quick five-button click system.
  5. Vaping Method: Choose between button-activated or draw-activated.
  6. Battery Check: LED indicators keep you informed about battery life.
  7. Charging: Straightforward with the provided Type-C cable.
  8. Lock Button: An added safety feature to prevent accidental firing.
  9. Light Effect & Power/Mode Settings: Customizable for your preference.
  10. Puff Counter Reset: Easy management of your vaping habits.

Hands-on experience with XROS PRO

From the moment I unboxed the XROS PRO, I was struck by its minimalist design. It’s clear that VAPORESSO has put a lot of thought into the aesthetics, and it paid off. Holding the device, it felt substantial yet comfortable, fitting perfectly in my hand. The weight was just right, giving it a premium feel without being cumbersome.

One of the standout features for me has been the dual activation mechanism. As someone who appreciates both the traditional button firing and the modern draw-activated approach, the XROS PRO offers the best of both worlds. It’s particularly useful when I switch between different vaping styles. The draw activation is smooth and responsive – there’s no lag, just a seamless transition from drawing to vaping.

The 30W power output is another highlight. It handles my favorite nic salt e-juices with ease, delivering a consistent and satisfying experience. The flavor comes through clean and crisp, and the vapor production is impressive for a device of its size. Adjusting the wattage is straightforward, and the device responds well to different power settings, which is great for experimenting with various e-liquids.

What really sets the XROS PRO apart, though, is the adjustable airflow. It’s a game-changer for customizing the vaping experience. Whether I’m in the mood for a tight, cigarette-like draw or a looser, more airy hit, the XROS PRO adapts effortlessly. This flexibility is something I’ve come to value highly in a vape device.


The pod compatibility is a significant advantage. Being able to use different XROS series cartridges means I’m not limited in my choices. It’s like having multiple devices in one, and I appreciate not being tied down to a single type of pod or coil.

Battery life has been impressive. The 1200mAh battery keeps up with my vaping throughout the day without needing a recharge. And when I do need to charge, it’s quick and convenient, thanks to the USB-C port. The OLED screen, a rarity in pod vapes, provides all the information I need at a glance, from battery life to wattage settings.

However, no device is without its flaws. The screen, while a nice touch, can be challenging to read in bright sunlight. I also found that the variety in pods offered, depending on the region, can be limiting. I was lucky enough to get my hands on the 0.4 mesh pod, but I can see how not having access to it could be a downside for some users.

In terms of comparison with the XROS 2 and XROS 3, the XROS PRO holds its ground. It’s more advanced and feature-rich than the XROS 2, making it a better choice for someone looking for a bit more from their device. Compared to the XROS 3, the PRO offers a more refined design and a slightly better battery life, though the XROS 3 has its advantages in terms of pod options for RDTL vaping.

Pros and Cons of the VAPORESSO XROS PRO

Based on your detailed information, combined with the YouTube review, here’s a comprehensive breakdown of the pros and cons of the VAPORESSO XROS PRO, with comparisons to the XROS 2 and XROS 3.


  1. Mirror-Like Surface: The XROS PRO impresses with its smooth and delicate finish, adding a touch of elegance to the device.
  2. Dual Activation: The pod can be activated by drawing or the fire button, catering to both new and experienced vapers.
  3. Powerful Performance: 30W power is ideal for most nic salt e-juices, providing a strong and satisfying vaping experience.
  4. Adjustable Airflow: An airflow adjusting button allows for a customized vaping experience, a feature that is well received by vapers who enjoy tailoring their draw.
  5. Pod Compatibility: Compatible with most XROS series cartridges, offering versatility in vaping experiences.
  6. Stylish Design: The business and minimalist style is appealing and suits a wide range of personal preferences.
  7. Long-Lasting Battery: A 1200mAh battery ensures durability and longer vaping sessions without frequent recharging.
  8. Unique OLED Screen: The inclusion of an OLED screen sets it apart from most pod vapes, offering a clear display of settings and battery life.


  1. Pod Variation by Region: There’s a variation in pod offerings depending on the region. For instance, the US and Germany versions include 0.6 and 1 ohm pods, whereas other regions receive the new 0.4 mesh pod with additional features. This can be confusing and somewhat limiting depending on where you live.
  2. Limited Pod Capacity in Certain Regions: The 0.4 mesh pod holds 3mL of liquid, but it’s not compatible with all previous XROS devices, a limitation for users who might have older models.
  3. Screen Visibility: Although the screen adds a unique touch, it can be hard to see under certain lighting conditions, which might be inconvenient for some users.
  4. Wattage Adjustment Limited to 0.4Ω Pod: Wattage adjustment is only possible with the 0.4Ω pod, which might not be available in all regions.
  5. Potential Overwhelming Features for Beginners: The array of switches and buttons could be overwhelming for new vapers who prefer simpler devices.


Comparison with XROS 2 and XROS 3:

  • Design & Weight: The XROS 2 is lighter and more compact compared to the XROS PRO. The XROS 3, while slightly larger than the XROS 2, offers a solid build with an easy-to-use airflow adjuster and fire button.
  • Pod Options: The XROS 2 and 3 have different pod options compared to the XROS PRO, with the XROS 3 allowing for RDTL as well as MTL vaping, appealing to a broader range of vapers.
  • Battery Capacity: Both the XROS 2 and 3 have a 1000mAh battery, which is slightly less than the XROS PRO’s 1200mAh, but still offers a good battery life.
  • User Experience: The XROS 2 is more aligned with the original XROS design and is ideal for those new to vaping or switching from cigarettes due to its straightforward MTL vaping style. The XROS 3, with its RDTL capabilities, caters more to experienced vapers.

In conclusion, the VAPORESSO XROS PRO stands out for its elegant design, versatile pod compatibility, and user-friendly features. While it has a few limitations such as regional variations in pod offerings and a screen that might be difficult to read, it remains a strong choice for both new and experienced vapers. The XROS 2 and 3, on the other hand, cater to different vaping preferences, with the XROS 2 being more beginner-friendly and the XROS 3 offering more versatility for experienced users.

Safety and Protections:

The XROS PRO doesn’t skimp on safety:

  • Protection against low resistance, short circuits, and high temperatures.
  • No Load/High Resistance notifications.
  • Low Voltage/Over Discharging alerts.
  • Over Charging protection.
  • Time-out feature after 8 seconds of inactivity.


Cautions & Warnings:

Safety first! Remember:

  1. Turn off when not in use.
  2. Supervise charging.
  3. Treat the device with care.
  4. Use an appropriate charger.
  5. Avoid exposure to water, flammable materials, and extreme temperatures.
  6. Dispose of responsibly.
  7. Repair only through VAPORESSO.


  • Nicotine is addictive. Use with caution.
  • Not suitable for certain people (minors, pregnant women, etc.) and in certain health conditions.
  • Side effects can include dizziness, nausea, etc. Consult a healthcare professional if necessary.


Final Verdict

The VAPORESSO XROS PRO isn’t just another vape device; it’s a comprehensive solution for the discerning vaper. With its wide range of features, compatibility with various pods, and user-friendly design, it’s geared towards providing a top-notch vaping experience. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, the XROS PRO offers something for everyone. This device is a solid choice for anyone serious about their vaping journey. Happy vaping! 🌬️💨


Design and Build Quality (Sleek, modern, stylish, substantial, well-crafted)
Functionality (Responsive, versatile, consistent, user-centric)
Pod Compatibility and Versatility (Versatile, varied, adaptable)
Battery and Charging (Long-lasting, efficient, quick)
Screen and Safety Features (Unique, informative, comprehensive, protective)
User Experience (Excellent, powerful, versatile, suitable for beginners)

All in all, the VAPORESSO XROS PRO is a solid choice for any vaper, whether you're just starting or looking for an upgrade. It strikes a great balance between style, functionality, and versatility. While it may have a few minor drawbacks, its performance, ease of use, and elegant design make it a device I’d happily recommend.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)


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