Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review – is it an upgraded osmall? – DirtyCheck No.43


In last DirtyCheck NO.41, I just finished talking about the osmall pod vape produced by Vaporesso, and soon it launched a refillable pod. We know that there are many brands of refillable pods at the moment, but few really pass our test. And today, let’s see how is XTRA.

Product Introduction


The packaging does not follow the osmall simple style. The cover box shows XTRA at a glance. The whole is still atmospheric, and the materials are very solid.
The contents are simple and clear. Vaporesso has a series of instructions in it.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


XTRA comes with 6 color, which is relatively rich.
It is worth mentioning that the color panel of the device uses a material with a leather feel, which is very soft and comfortable to touch. Needless to say, the shortcomings are less resistant to dirt, and I mean oily liquid stains.

XTRA comes with 6 color, which is relatively rich.

The size is 73.9mm * 38.8mm * 16.7mm, which is almost the size of the 18650 battery box, which is a little flatter than the battery box.

The power of 900mAh is obviously enough and sufficient on such a device, which is equal to the power of two pod vape. We’ll talk about the actual test result later.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


XTRA device * 1
2mL 0.8ohm atomizing core with tank * 1
2mL 1.2ohm atomizing core with tank * 1
USB cable * 1

User Experience

In my use process, the battery is indeed more durable, and there is no big problem when I charge it once 1 day. Later I noticed that there is a switch button at the bottom of the device. 5 times to power on or off. No gears adjustment function.

If there is no other function, why not make a one-key switch? It’s really a bit tedious, for such a pod vape.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

Some friends are more concerned about the service life of the atomization core. I actually measured here that the 1.2ohm atomization core has no burnt core or burnt smell when I take 7 tanks of draws continuously. It is really excellent. 0.8ohm atomizing core clearly felt the state of the burnt core when drawing the fifth tanks. Of course, the data here is only for your reference.

In terms of taste, XTAR’s core is not so sweet like osmall. And my sweet flavor on it is just right. I have to say that the details are really in place. The performance of the two types of atomizing cores is satisfactory. 0.8 is mesh cotton and 1.2 is conventional cotton. You can try it yourself according to your preferences or the characteristics of the e-liquid.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

We only need to remember the red color of the light on the side, which is basically a indicate to charge, but I hang in there for an hour after the red, which is good.

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review


I have seen some colleagues say that it is an upgraded version of osmall, and they say XTRA is a replica of a certain brand. In any case, XTAR is an independent product in my mind. There is no need to imitate anyone. The research and development capabilities of VAPORESSO in the electronic cigarette industry are well known to everyone. Things with good looks are always liked, and its taste is really good. The setting of independent refilling is the most scientific setting I think. You can try this kind of good performance vape.

I’m a Captain Dirty, see you next time.

Where to buy Vaporesso XTRA

Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review Vaporesso XTRA pod vape review

Vaporesso XTRA overall experience

XTAR's vaping experience is really good. Recommended

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