vitavp becomes Beijing’s first National High-tech Enterprise for vapes in China

In the “Notice on the List of the Fourth Batch of High-tech Enterprises to Be Recognized in Beijing in 2020” recently released by the National High-tech Enterprise Certification and Management Work Website, vitavp (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd., is recognized as China national high-tech enterprise today. Together China Aviation Manufacturing Technology Research Institute and China Environment Academy of Sciences also get listed.

vitavp becomes Beijing's first national high-tech enterprise for vapes

The recognization application was submitted by vitavp in 2018 and it passed in 2020 today.

vitavp won the title of “National High-tech Enterprise” and has undergone a lot of tests-including several indicators such as enterprise innovation ability, scientific and technological achievements transformation ability, enterprise research and development expenses, research and development organization management level, etc., have been strictly evaluated , Was finally reviewed by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and was successfully selected by the relevant expert group.

The difficulty of identifying Guogaoxin has also made it one of the highest honors of Chinese technology-based enterprises, and it is the country’s most authoritative affirmation of the scientific research strength of enterprises.

As a leading entrepreneurial brand in the field of electronic atomization, vitavpp was born in 2015. Founder/CEO Liu Dongyuan has multiple identities such as electronic atomizer designer, senior product expert, and famous musician. He has been deeply involved in the industry for nearly ten years. With a wealth of professional background, we are committed to creating comprehensive and three-dimensional products.

Under the hardword of its CEO Liu Dongyuan, at the end of 2018, vitavpp has won the favor of first-line top capital with an excellent posture, and completed tens of millions of angel round financing. The funder is Wang Sicong’s Pusi Capital. In 2020, Liu Dongyuan, as the only founder in the field of electronic atomization, was listed on the Hurun U30 entrepreneurial leader list.

vitavp becomes Beijing's first national high-tech enterprise for vapes

vitavp CEO Liu Dongyuan has the ultimate pursuit of products. Since the establishment of vitavp, he has personally led the research and development work, insisted on independent design, and led the research and development team to obtain 273 intellectual property rights in product technology, appearance and function. The products have passed the ISO9001 quality system certification and the research and development investment has been nearly 100 million yuan.

In addition, vitavp also has core invention patents such as natural organic cotton preparation process, atomized liquid curing process, etc., as well as relevant certifications from nearly 60 countries around the world such as EU CE, RoHS, US FDA registration license, and Japanese food safety certificate. The products are sold in Europe, America and Southeast Asia.

vitavp certificates
vitavp certificates

vitavp focuses on cotton cores, and the entire line of products uses Arizona Pima organic cotton atomized cores, creating an industry record of “0 paste cores”. In addition, vitavp’s patented short airway technology can prevent the generation of condensate from the source and greatly reduce the leakage of the atomizer.

Being selected by the National High-tech Industry Enterprise this time means that vitavp has been affirmed and recognized by relevant national departments in terms of enterprise technical strength, professional production capacity, innovation ability and management level. This is an important milestone in the progress of vitavp’s technological level.

Learn more from vitavp official site (Chinese)


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