vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review – the blind flavor test champion

At the invitation of the vitavp brand, I made a detailed test of the flavor of the second-generation vitavp pod system. I received 11 flavors of the pod, an IG never overtime joint device and some peripheral products. One of the most unexpected is that there are actually two basketballs, don’t forget to exercise when vaping, it is really intimate!

Knock on other brands on the blackboard here, to be a bit trendy and innovate a little bit. Don’t always be a T-shirt, pants, it can also be League Of Legend. I don’t talk much about it, now flavor review.

vitavp flavor & throat hit

The capacity of each cartridge is 1.6 ml, and the resistance of the heating coil is 1.7 ohm. The pod adopts Pima organic cotton atomizing core, which has a high degree of taste reduction. vitavp’s fragrance style has its own ideas, and it strives to make its own characteristics while covering the common popular tastes in the market.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Raspberry Lemon: With 40mg / ml nicotine content, the feeling of throat hit satisfaction is weak. The compound taste of raspberry and lemon, the overall taste is more marshmallow. Lemon performance is very good. With the drawing, it has been reflected. Although it is more inclined to supplement, it has always been natural, and there is no strange feeling of detergent. It is worth mentioning that this taste won the top ten taste award in the blind test selection at the “IECIE Good Vape Show” in 2019 Shanghai. The award is deserved after comprehensive experience. I personally like this taste very strongly and strongly recommend it! [Rating: 9.5 / 10]

Mango smoothie: 40mg / ml nicotine content, lower throat punch satisfaction. Green Mango, sweetness is perfect, ensuring that the entrance is full and not too sweet. Mango has a strong flavor, but at the same time the overall tone is refreshing and very interesting. [Rating: 9/10]

To you taro: nicotine content 4 (40mg / ml), lower throat sensation satisfaction. The taro milk tea blends milk flavor while guaranteeing the silky and rich aroma of the taro. The coolness is moderate, which is my personal favorite. [Rating: 8.5 / 10]

Snowball Hawthorn: The nicotine content is 40mg / ml, and the feeling of throat hitting is strong. The entrance is the epidermal breath of fresh hawthorn fruit. Pick a fresh hawthorn and soak it in the water. Sweetness restores the frosting wrapped on the surface of the hawthorn ball, it’s not bad, and the acidity is weaker. Personally, if they highlight the sour mouth, the original acid of the hawthorn fruit will be better. Overall, the nicotine salt content is high, and some of them destroy the fresh mood. [Rating: 8/10]

Jufeng grape: nicotine content 40mg / ml, lower throat hit level. The first puff is the full-bodied grape peel aroma, with oak fragrance, natural and decent. Taste a faint tannin, and the grape juice still needs to be strengthened. The mouthfeel continuity decreases rapidly with continuous vaping, and it is somewhat thin in the later period. [Rating: 8/10]

James Tobacco: 40mg / ml nicotine content, strong throat hit. The engraved classic HALO 15 presidential taste e-liquid, the main tone is cocoa taste, if there is arrogant sweet with caramel aroma, combined with tobacco herb flavor. The tobacco flavor itself is used as a base. The first few mouthfuls of vaping focus on mixing, and continuous vaping makes the tobacco more obvious. James Tobacco is a very unique feeling in the taste of pod vape, cocoa tobacco type is rare. [Rating: 8/10]

Winter is coming: nicotine content 40mg / ml, moderate throat hit. Straight into the cold of the throat, deep breathing and refreshing, refreshing cooler in summer. On the palate, the fragrance of peppermint herbs is simple. One thing I I don’t quite understand is that the sweetness factor is added. Maybe it is to reconcile the empty and thin of simple mint. I personally don’t like the element of sweetness. The new user Cold Winter will be a good choice. [Rating: 7.5 / 10]

Ice pineapple: Nicotine content 40mg / ml, moderate buzz. Compared with pineapple beer, the aroma of the flesh is not particularly strong. There is a distinct hop taste in the back mouth, moderate cooling, and the direction is pineapple juice drink. The point of deduction is the consistency, and it is slightly empty in the later period. [Rating: 7.5 / 10]

Don’t be too green: the nicotine content is 40mg / ml, and the throat sensation is lower. This mung bean is made between the bean flavor of mung bean body and mung bean dessert, and it is not so strong. The sweetness lies in accumulation, the first bite is lower, and it feels just right to accumulate continuously. Personally, I am really not interested in mung beans. Basically, every pod vape brand is coming out, the difference is not big, and it is boring. [Rating: 7/10]

Early spring ruby: Nicotine content 40mg / ml) strong throat-satisfaction. Finally, it is no longer the watermelon bubble gum style. It innovatively restores the freshness of the small watermelon, mixed with the aroma of fruit trees, and the unique fragrance style. However, after a lot of vaping, a fatal flaw was discovered: nicotine has a strong sense of stimulation, and the fragrance cannot suppress it, which greatly affects the feeling of vaping. [Rating: 6/10]

Suck a strawberry: nicotine content 40mg / ml, strong sense of satisfaction with throat hit. The direction of strawberry yogurt’s fragrance is too heavy, and it is not so natural. The taste of dried strawberries tends to complement each other, the main tone is probably cream, too sweet. Throat hit is too high in this dessert taste. [Rating: 6/10]

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

vitavp overall experience

I did a review of the vitavp second-generation starter kit a long time ago, it left a good impression on me. A few days ago I went to its newly opened flagship store to fun. The store overall decoration is as trendy and cool as the brand style.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Some of these 11 flavors have been eye-catching and stunning, but of course there are some pity. However, it can be seen that the brand is trying to perfume, and the overall direction has not made a big mistake. It is homogeneous in the pod vape market today and it is worth encouraging to strive to make something with its own characteristics and styles under the serious background.

I look forward to being able to taste more unique and distinctive flavors later.

vitavp 2nd-generation starter kit review

Where to buy vitavp pod system

Raspberry Lemon flavor - 9.5
Mango smoothie flavor - 9
To you taro flavor - 8.5
Snowball Hawthorn flavor - 8
Jufeng grape flavor - 8
James Tobacco flavor - 8
Winter is coming flavor - 7.5
Ice pineapple flavor - 7.5
Don't be too green flavor - 7
Early spring ruby flavor - 6
Suck a strawberry flavor - 6


Raspberry Lemon flavor of vitavp vape is impressive. Order one to take a taste and you'll fall in love with it.

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