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The pod vape market is relatively stable today, only differentiated operations and excellent products can be recognized by the market. Vitavp, which has been so popular in the past two years, is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the industry.

Recently, Vitavp CEO Liu Dongyuan responded to the national call – set up stalls to sell groceries on the roadside, driving McLaren to build momentum for Vitavp, which is also sufficient to demonstrate its marketing capabilities.

Today, Captain Dirty brings fans Vitavp new flavor STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE, but compared to the flavor, Captain Dirty prefers its Chinese name “Li Lei Han Meimei”. This stalk is sure to make everyone smile.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

Vitavp brand introduction

The founding team of Vitavp entered the market in 2011, and registered the brand Vitavp in 2015, becoming the first Chinese brand that could sell tens of thousands of electronic cigarette-related products in Japan at that time. In 2016, it launched the pod system Vitavp and disposable vape, entered the 2.0 era in 2019, and released new product Vitavp2.0 and product slogan “NOW PLAY”

The various joint names in the later period also earned consumers’ attention, and the introduction of various peripheral products formed a unique fashion trend.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

Flavor introduction

E-liquid composition:
Natural vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, nicotine salt, food flavor
Nicotine salt content: 4%
Pod capacity: 1.8g

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

New flavor details

in terms of flavor development, have to say that it does have its own unique insights and capabilities.

The so-called one-hundred-thousandth e-liquid leakage rate is more reassuring for consumers to buy.

The package of 4 independent pods has upgraded its packaging. And more vape juice is added in the pod while its price is unchanged.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

In particular, the bottom is made of a separate sponge sheet to prevent vape juice leakage.
Even if the vaper became the lucky one in 100,000,
E-liquid will not make the packaging disgusting,
The details are perfect.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

User experience

In fact, there are very few brands of China pod vape that make composite taste cartridges,
Vitavp made a breakthrough to be different,
First of all, for lychee, the single taste is not easy to make,
One is the uniquely sweet and delicious lychee, slightly sour, astringent and refreshing.
Second, it is very difficult to achieve the ultimate reduction of strawberries.
It is also very difficult to restore a single taste mod vape.
The combination of the two is undoubtedly a more reasonable result,
To avoid the embarrassment of a single taste.
It also reconstructed the unique feeling of the compound of the two tastes,
It’s a very reasonable fit.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

In this flavor, the 4% nicotine content creates strong buzz,
When the same type of pod vapes are doing 3%, 5% content,
Vitavp combines them as a whole, with a 4% nicotine salt content.
It avoids the weakness of 3%, also avoids the over strong buzz of 5%.
The thick fragrance of strawberry with litchi is the most direct impression to me,
Litchi’s sweetness and strawberry milky give me a second impression,
It is a pity that the sweetness is not up to my satisfaction,
It’s for vapers who love refreshing puffs.
But the overall feeling is pretty good.

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review


It is very risky to launch a compound flavor in the field of pod, because such flavor is not intuitive enough,
But this one tastes pretty good.

However, the overall sweetness and fruit acidity of these pods are not enough, I hope that there will be a good adjustment later.

Vitavp only updated three flavors at the same time,
Later upgrades will also bring the original three flavors back to the factory for a relaunch,
And other flavors will be launched soon.

Last but not least, STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE (Li Lei Han Mei Mei) surprises me, it tastes brilliant.

Vitavp, Play Now.

Where to buy Vitavp new flavors

Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE reviewVitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review Vitavp new taste STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE review

Vitavp Taste
Vitavp Mouth Feel
Vitavp Price

Vitavp STRAWBERRY & LYCHEE (Li Lei Han Mei Mei) flavor surprises me, it tastes brilliant.

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