VOOPOO ARGUS POD review: a 5-20W power-adjustable Gene.AI chip pod mod

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ARGUS POD works great with the 1.2Ω cartridge. Smooth, rich and intense taste, sufficient power, and portable size compared to large mods make ARGUS an excellent pod device.

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Previously we have reviewed the latest product from Voopoo, the Argus GT II kit, which works excellent outdoor. And today let’s continue to research and try out another classic product from Voopoo, the Voopoo Argus pod, which is much smaller in size compared to the Argus GT II kit. What I got is a sample edition not for sale, the product on market will be much better than the one we got.


VOOPOO ARGUS POD is easy to use just like Suorin product series. Add the e-juice into the cartridge, press the power button 5 times to turn on the device, then start vaping.

And it’s highly recommended to wait at least 5 minutes after the e-liquid is filled into the cartridge before vaping. Or you’ll experience dry hits which are awful and disgusting. The author may have burnt the core of the 0.7-ohm cartridge for vaping too early. So the taste is not good. The 0.7ohm low resistance cartridge produces hotter vapor and the max power is 18W. My vape juice only works with 5W, or a higher power will bring bad taste. I think other e-juice may work well with it. while the author doesn’t have that.

As to the 1.2 Ohm cartridge, the device works with it perfectly from a minimum power of 5W to max power of 12W according to what the power display shows. There is a smooth, intense and rich taste with the high ohm cartridge. And the higher resistance will save your power and longer your battery life for each charge.  Meanwhile, we also heard that lower power will make vaping more healthy. So I highly recommend the 1.2 Ohm cartridge.

And the vapor produced comes with consistent temperature, and uniform and fine vapor particles.  Nice user experience.

Moreover, there is also a screen on the side of the device to show puff count. In merely  2 hours, the author made over 200 puffs, which is quite frequent and amazing. No problem found while vaping.

In addition, there is an airflow adjustment button on the device. I suggest keeping it open up widely while vaping at high high power to avoid dry hits. When you like taking light draws, use a small power and small airflow to realize it. To be honest, vaping without a direct-to-lung deep draw is a waste of time and joy. Just vape wild for fun.

It’s said there is a GENE.AI chip inside the device. It’s true. The new GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges, which makes them very convenient to use.

What’s more. the solid zinc alloy device with leather covered on both sides is another attractive selling point. This design is anti-slip. it brings a better hand feel and makes the device more delicate and expensive.

VOOPOO ARGUS POD specifications/ parameters

Material: Zinc Alloy+Leather/PC
Output Power: 5-20W
Output Voltage: 3.2-4.2V
Resistance: 0.5-3.0Ω
Battery Capacity: 800mAh Built-in Battery


With VOOPOO’s ingenious ITO atomization technology, ARGUS POD brings you a delightful MTL experience. GENE.AI 1.2 Chip realizes the intelligent power switch between different ARGUS POD cartridges. The 4-hole air inlet enlarges the airflow and airflow buffer room ensures the smooth taste. ARGUS POD supports airflow adjustment and power adjustment. It also records and manages your daily vaping intelligently. You can take it a try when you’re interested.



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