VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit review: 1200 mAh Battery and 30W Power Range

In our previous reviews, we’ve explored the unique features of the VOOPOO VMATE Pro and the daily convenience of the VOOPOO VMATE E pod vape kit. The VMATE Pro‘s Unique iCOSM Flavor Interpretation Code and the VMATE E’s impressive performance for daily vaping set high standards in the vaping community. Today, we’re diving into the VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit, a device that promises to elevate your vaping experience even further. Although it hasn’t been officially launched yet, we were fortunate enough to get an early look at this exciting new addition.

VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit review: 1200 mAh Battery and 30W Power Range
VOOPOO Vmate Max


Parameter Value
Size 103*29*18.7 mm
Power Range 5-30 W
Battery 1200 mAh (Built-in)
Output Voltage 3.2-4.2 V
Charging Voltage 5 V/2 A
Resistance Range 0.4-3.0 ohm
Compatibility All the VMATE Cartridges

VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit review: 1200 mAh Battery and 30W Power Range

The VOOPOO Vmate Max stands out with its compact size and substantial power range. The built-in 1200 mAh battery ensures extended usage, while the wide resistance range allows for compatibility with various VMATE cartridges. The 5 V/2 A charging voltage supports fast recharging, making it a reliable companion for daily use.

VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit review
30W Power Range: 12000MAH battery

Vaping Experience

Product Try Out:

Using the VOOPOO Vmate Max has been a truly delightful experience. The device’s LED lights, resembling the wings of an eagle or Optimus Prime’s helmet, provide a cool, dynamic aesthetic. The gradient color change adds a unique, creative touch that makes the Vmate Max stand out.

3X Upgrades. 3rd GEN. VMATE CATRIDGES for better taste and flavors
3X Upgrades. 3rd GEN. VMATE CATRIDGES for better taste and flavors

The default 0.7ohm pod offers an optimal vaping experience with a maximum output of 25W, producing rich flavors and satisfying clouds. The device is draw-activated, with the power button used for adjusting voltage or changing modes. It’s crucial to avoid blocking the airflow button on the side, as it can affect the vapor quality.

VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit review: 1200 mAh Battery and 30W Power Range
VOOPOO Vmate Max: 30W Power

The adjustable voltage (5W-30W) accommodates various nicotine salt e-liquids, enhancing versatility. Additionally, the three output modes—SPT, NOR, and ECO—provide customizable options:

  • SPT Mode: Delivers powerful clouds with robust power output.
  • NOR Mode: Offers a balanced vaping experience with moderate power output, ideal for daily use.
  • ECO Mode: Reduces power and e-liquid consumption, creating lighter clouds and conserving battery life.

The airflow is easily adjustable using a sliding button, allowing for a personalized draw. The silicone pad on the bottom prevents slipping and bumping, ensuring the device remains quiet and stable on any surface.


The VOOPOO Vmate Max excels in flavor production. The NOR mode, in particular, provides a perfect balance, delivering neither too thin nor too hot vapor. Each puff is rich and satisfying, making it an excellent choice for flavor enthusiasts.

Pros and Cons


  • Compact and stylish design with dynamic LED lights.
  • Powerful battery with fast charging capability.
  • Adjustable voltage and three customizable output modes.
  • Excellent flavor production with the default 0.7ohm pod.
  • Easy airflow adjustment and anti-slip silicone pad.


  • Requires careful handling to avoid blocking the airflow button.
  • Limited compatibility with non-VMATE cartridges.

How to Use VOOPOO Vmate Max:

Imagine unboxing your brand-new VOOPOO Vmate Max, the sleek design catching your eye. Eager to start, you pull out the cartridge, uncover the filling port, and carefully fill it with your favorite e-liquid. Keeping it two-thirds full, you seal it back up and insert it into the device.

After letting it sit for about five minutes, ensuring the e-liquid fully saturates the coil, you’re ready to start. Press the button five times to turn on the device, and a short press twice to toggle the screen. You draw from the pod, feeling the smooth, rich vapor filling your senses.

SPT, NOR, and ECO modes
VOOPOO Vmate Max: SPT, NOR, and ECO modes

Adjusting the output is simple: press the button three times to cycle through SPT, NOR, and ECO modes, finding the perfect balance for your vaping preference. The silicone pad ensures it sits quietly on your desk, ready for your next session.

Safety Features

The VOOPOO Vmate Max includes several safety protections:

  • Overtime protection (5s)
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Low battery protection
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Output over-current protection
  • Max power protection
  • Overcharge protection

These features ensure a safe and reliable vaping experience, giving you peace of mind during use.

Maintenance and Cleaning

To keep your Vmate Max in top condition:

  1. Regularly wipe any liquid condensation from the atomizer and device connection.
  2. Use a wet paper towel to clean the connection points to avoid poor connectivity.
  3. If you notice condensate inside the device, remove the atomizer, reverse the device, and shake it for a few seconds to clear the liquid.

Comparison with VOOPOO VMATE Pro and VMATE E

Compared to the VOOPOO VMATE Pro and VMATE E, the Vmate Max offers a larger battery capacity and more power, making it suitable for extended vaping sessions. While the VMATE Pro excels in flavor with its iCOSM technology, and the VMATE E is designed for everyday convenience with iCosm tech at the same time, the Vmate Max strikes a balance between power, customization, and portability.

EASY TOP-FILLINGNo need to remove your cartridge.
VOOPOO EXCLUSIVE FLAVORINTERPRETATION CODEiCOSM CODE, an exclusive flavor interpretation tech put forth byVO0P00, integrating leak-proof design, multiple air inlets, anti-bacterialmaterial, and excellent atomizing capabilities together, delivers usersthe ultimate flavor experience. Ag+ 0cosm code Learn more
SKID-PROOF DESIGNThe skid-proof design makes each insertion tight and pulling out easyMeanwhile, it realizes the Fresnel lens function which reduces thee-liquid deterioration by light reflection.
STABLEINSERTIONSnap-in cartridges lock with a satisfying "click". ensuring asecure fit with 0 wobble.


The VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit is an exceptional device that combines style, power, and versatility. With its dynamic LED design, adjustable settings, and robust safety features, it caters to both new and experienced vapers. Whether you prioritize flavor, cloud production, or ease of use, the Vmate Max delivers on all fronts. It’s a worthy addition to any vaper’s collection, offering a blend of innovation and performance that stands out in the market.

Learn more about VMATE MAX from the VOOPOO official

Design (Compact and stylish LED lights)
Battery (1200 mAh, long-lasting)
Power Range (Adjustable 5-30 W)
Ease of Use (Simple and intuitive)
Flavor Production (Rich and satisfying)
Customization (Three output modes)
Airflow Control (Easily adjustable)
Charging Speed (Fast 5 V/2 A)
Safety Features (Comprehensive protection)
Portability (Compact and lightweight)
Build Quality (Durable and anti-slip)
Compatibility (Works with all VMATE cartridges)

The VOOPOO Vmate Max Pod System Kit excels in design, battery life, flavor production, and customization. Its comprehensive safety features and fast charging make it a top choice for vapers.

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