What’s New for SNOWPLUS Lite?

SNOWPLUS Lite launched last week (16st January 2020) at the incredible price of $14.99 USD! Now, the choice is yours – keep smoking cigarettes a pack at a time or get days of use from a better alternative with a single SNOWPLUS pod? This wallet-friendly little vape can give users what they’re looking for without all the downsides of smoking.

SNOWPLUS Lite Review
Let’s take a closer look at what SNOWPLUS Lite can do.

SNOWPLUS equips advanced atomization technology.

A Next-generation TrueFeel honeycomb ceramic coil affords a smoother draw and better taste for a more refined mouth feel.

SNOWPLUS Lite provides an impressively powerful hit.

Advanced AeroFlow air intake technology packs a strong throat hit for ultimate indulgence. With 30mg or 50mg nicotine strength (depends on the region) buzzes available, SNOWPLUS Lite gives you an ultra-pleasurable experience.

SNOWPLUS Lite is extremely light and portable.

The body is just 82mm*20m*12mm (without pod inserted). It’s about as small as a USB drive and shorter than the JUUL, which runs over 87mm in length (without pod inserted). It can be slipped easily into your pocket and go with you anywhere, for totally discreet, elegant vaping.

SNOWPLUS Lite technology boasts even bigger cartridge volume for long-lasting enjoyment.

Each pod contains 1.5ml of e-liquid, an extra 50% for the same price when compared to the JUUL pod. That means you can vape more for less. A nice little perk for vape fans!

SNOWPLUS Lite Review

Dependable power is key for vape users, and SNOWPLUS Lite certainly wont be letting you down with its 400mAh lithium battery, allowing you to enjoy two days of normal use before recharging. Most people may be wondering how a device this small can pack so much energy? It all comes down to integrated technology design.

The beautiful and iconic smart light indicator on the SNOWPLUS Lite is also worth a mention. This plus-shaped LED light comes on when you take a draw and flashes when the battery is low. A little reminder for you to charge.

So, SNOWPLUS Lite is light-weight and comes at a super competitive price with a performance that stands up to other big pod vapes.

Besides SNOWPLUS Lite, SNOWPLUS Pro is going to launch on 21 January 2020, a device that is going to level-up your vaping experience. Stay tuned for more information about this release!

Click the link here to get your SNOWPLUS Lite order!

Snowplustech official site


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