Only music can not be let down – YOOZ party’s trend philosophy

When music no longer stops at audio-visual, but seeks the sensory feast of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch in one; when music is no longer confined to the younger group, but becomes the popular consumer culture and trend; when music is no longer leisure entertainment, but has become the most fashionable social new scene at present. YOOZ party came into being at the historic moment.

YOOZ party, as a brand of YOOZ, is a music factory with both future technology and avant-garde culture. It devotes itself to deconstructing the product concept and fashion culture in depth, abandoning dull and uninteresting youth entertainment culture form now to IN, and presenting a unique music party.

September 22, YOOZ party, with the theme of Magic Sound Geek as its first theme, makes a strong landing in Arkham, a famous club in Shanghai, so that the elite people who have nowhere to release their emotions in the daytime in this modern city can return to the wild, burst out fanatical musical enthusiasm, and deeply convey the core magic of “Shanghai at night”.

Except Shanghai Station, YOOZ party also selected Beijing, Chengdu, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou and other cities for touring performances, respectively, to inject the most representative music elements of each city, such as audio, rap, JAZZ, rock, hip hop, so that each YOOZ parties are different, with technology to connect fashionable personality of the immersive music scene.

YOOZ party invites four top TV stars, Pegboard Nerds, SHFT Brand DJ KING CHAIN, DJ TEN Li Yilin with multiple titles and famous DJ and producer Tom Wiliam from France, to perform together in an effort to “explode” at Shanghai beach.

Not only the party has a heavyweight deductive lineup on the scene, but also uses high-tech sense devices to display the scene, rendering the dance floor atmosphere with gorgeous neon lights and unique science fiction sense, showing a complete dazzling visual impact. In addition, a unique photographic area will be arranged, which includes minimalist science and technology, cyberpunk, steam wave and other sci-fi elements, with a strong sense of art.

Two different types of vape experience devices are provided, as well as 10 best-selling flavors of Konjac Porpo, lime grapefruit, fresh caragana, iced mango, sweet litchi, refreshing Hami melon, iced green tea, Jasmine tea, refreshing mint and enjoyable mungbean, for the players to appreciate in depth that evening. In the magic dance floor mixed with high concentration of water vapor molecules, so that each “night walker” seems to wander in the heterogeneous space. Very shocking visual impact, fluctuating electro-acoustic melody, fresh and interesting taste bud stimulation, all are testing every inch of your nerve.

Immediately, let go of all your hesitations and enjoy the ultimate release of sound waves in the clouds and mists with contemporary youth. At the end of this summer, music is locked in the coolest confined space, experience the most exciting collision, resonate with the dynamic notes, break through the eardrum and reach the thoracic cavity, from the blood to the nerve can feel the excitement of tremor.

While enjoying the music, there is a clear “No Minors” sign on the activity site, YOOZ party brand not only actively advocate brand culture and brand responsibility with common values, but also have a high degree of fit for the target market. With the help of music, they can quickly close the emotional distance between brand and consumer groups, enhance the deep participation of users, and transmit brand concept and core values in the most popular way at present-music.


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