ZOVOO announces the launch time of the new DRAGBAR member

Recently, the innovative leading disposable e-cigarette brand, ZOVOO, has released a preview of the new product on its official social media. ZOVOO will officially launch a new product of DRAGBAR series on September 5th.

According to the preview, this new product introduces the box type appearance design concept, which is obviously different from the previous best-selling DRAGBAR R6000, but seems to continue the characteristics of big cloud.


ZOVOO, famous for DRAGBAR star series products, has been highly praised by numerous industry authoritative media and top KOL. In 2022, ZOVOO released a number of highly acclaimed DRAGBAR products, among which the DRAGBAR R6000 won unanimous praise from the industry with its large cloud and large capacity characteristics, while DRAGBAR Z700 GT overturned the industry cognition with ultra-thin appearance and upgraded ceramic core.

The image shows a hint of smoke, and it’s not hard to guess that this new product is a disposable device with large cloud and large capacity. Surprisingly, the outline of the product in the preview is a small and delicate box type appearance, which makes people wonder whether small size is another feature of the product?

According to ZOVOO insiders, the new product applies the upgraded Mesh Coil, which highly restores the taste of each puff, making the full taste consistent and the vaping experience better.

As a dark horse brand for prefilled vape, ZOVOO has been highly regarded by the industry since its launch in 2020. ZOVOO now has a full product line covering all user scenarios, including VINCIBAR and CUBEBAR in addition to its star DRAGBAR series. The current slogan of ZOVOO is “By your side”, which reflects the warm and energetic brand tone, as well as the user orientation of fashion trends.

Compared with the disposable vape products with high homogeneity in appearance and function in the market, the new product of ZOVOO is a leap forward breakthrough. We have every reason to believe that this new product, like DRAGBAR R6000, will be recognized by the industry and loved by users around the world.

Let’s see ZOVOO DRAGBAR new product launch on September 5th!

For more information, please visit https://www.izovoo.com/ and follow ZOVOO on Instagram, Facebook and Tiktok.


ZOVOO has sophisticated R&D capability, forward-looking product design and perfect supply chain system. Creating a new world with personality and spirit, ZOVOO will bring a different and great experience to global vapors. DISCLAIMER
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