Dragbar Z700 GT disposbale vape review: a good taste slim vaping device

Dragbar Z700 GT disposbale vape

Dragbar Z700 GT taste
Dragbar Z700 GT vapor amount
Dragbar Z700 GT portable size
Dragbar Z700 GT design
Dragbar Z700 GT endurance


Dragbar Z700 GT disposable vape is of good taste, slim and sleek, while powerful in performance. The only downside is the short endurance.

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Have you ever seen some vape just like a Green Arrow Gum in size and shape? This one called Dragbar Z700 GT is a newly launched disposable vape just like that. How does it taste? Let’s proceed to find it out.

Dragbar Z700 GT disposbale vape hands-on

Take the Dragbar Z700 GT out of the small packaging box and you’ll see how small it is while still producing a decent amount of vapor. The size is not commonly seen in the industry, so it’s a bold and innovative design, making vaping more stealthy. It will make you more invisible when vaping and carry it anywhere conveniently.

For its small size and low cost, sharing vapes with friends like cigarettes becomes possible for Z700.  So Z700 comes with a social attribute that might be ignored.

Unlike other small-size disposables, Dragbar Z700 GT’s cloud is not small,  it’s fine and uniform for its high working temperature. You’ll even feel the strong heat on the device’s surface when it’s working. It’s a miracle.

And the taste is excellent, maybe it’s on the top level. Compared to DRAGBAR F8000 and DRAGBAR R6000, Dragbar Z700 GT tastes much better than those two. I reckon this device is taking the use of a unique and more high-end e-liquid. Although Dragbar F8000 and R6000 use a much large battery of 1000mAh, almost 3 times of the Z700, their taste is not as good as Dragbar Z700. If I were the customer, I would choose Z700 between the three models without a doubt.

The author tried out three flavours of it, they are Pink Grapefruit Lemonade, Watermelon Strawberry and Pineapple Lime Soda. They are all wonderful and just perfect. These fruit flavours are natural without any artificial traces. Both scent and taste are top-notched.

The only downside is the short and weak endurance, which might be annoying to frequent vapers. The author runs out 1 every 3 days. Compared to other large-capacity 10k puff disposables, Z700’s beginning is almost the end. However, what longer endurance can you expect from this slim device? And one or two days of service life is just enough for infrequent users.

Dragbar Z700 GT disposbale vape specifications/ parameters

Material: PC, PCTG
Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.0-1.4Ω
Battery: 380mAH



Dragbar Z700 GT disposable vape works perfect despite its short endurance. Overall, it’s a good vaping device worth having a try.

Where to buy Dragbar Z700 GT disposable vape

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