22 JUUL promotion strategies that are popular among e-cig companies

JUUL‘s nicotine content is very abundant, never cut corners. It did not launch 3% version in early times, all of them are 5%, people get addicted fast. In the United States, the market has been completely dominated by JUUL. Cult-Level popularity has been formed among teenagers.

22 JUUL promotion


  1. The main consumer group of JUUL is 80s, 90s,00s.
  2. JUUL’s promotional approach and traditional tobacco are basically in the same direction: pleasure / relaxation / socialization / romance / taste / saving money / vacation / trend / identity / satisfaction.
  3. JUUL advertisements are mostly about 20-year-old models, wearing trendy clothes and attracting young people with cool postures.
  4. JUUL’s offline activities are mostly youth gatherings.
    There are performances of this kind of music festival, and then continue to convey cool vibe through various hashtags.


5. Promoting contentment is one of JUUL’s priorities.

Good morning! Do you have # juulmoment today? “There are also some expressions that change habits, such as” before you go out, remember your wallet, keys, phone, #juul. “. Many of its posters advertise that young people are satisfied, such as “building satisfaction” and so on.

6. Juul’s slogans are tied to leisure, such as “Enjoy JUUL moments”.
“Don’t spend long weekends without preparation”, “spend weekends with JUUL”, “Monday without effort”, “Enjoy yourself, you win it”.

7. Juul’s ads are linked to romance/sociality, such as “Share JUUL” and “Give JUUL.” “Surprise Valentine’s Day with JUUL” and “Forget Diamonds. Surprise that special person… And JUUL. “ect.

8. Juul has different tastes in every country and has launched a large number of limited-edition taste testing markets. Taste is the core of Juul. Juul has created many advertising slogans around taste, such as “Have a dessert, try Bruel.” “Save space for dessert. Many people like mango. “Use Mango JUUL Pods to Enter the Tropical Atmosphere of Summer”, “Love, Love, Love Mango Pods”. Mango is the most popular flavor in JUUL, Mint is the second, cucumber is the third, tobacco is the fourth, butter is the fifth, and other fruits are the sixth.



9. JUUL employs many SNS influencers as brand ambassadors to help promote it.

10. Stars can’t speak for themselves, but they let them use Juul, and then distribute on social networks like Facebook, which stars send directly. Juul’s posters are all about learning the postures of stars. For example, when a star’s image is very hot, they look for similar models to pose in similar postures.

11. Juul launched Juul’s affiliate plan to get people to join (and not just distributors), who earn money by writing reviews / evaluations / recommendations to Juul online.

12. Juul’s advertising channels include

1) Printed advertisements in a small number of magazines, mainly for middle-aged people to switch
2) Time advertisements for young people and fashion
3) Offline Channel
4) Social Network (instagram, fb, twitter, youtube)
5) Influencers, not only brand cooperation, has been recruiting people to maintain influencer relationship. They have direct payment methods. For example, a KOL can earn $1,000 per 100,000 fans.

juul usa


13. Many media or hire reviewers say that JUUL is the iPhone in the electronic cigarette. The founders were studying at Stanford School.

14. JUUL’s nicotine content is very rich, never cut corners, early versions did not include 3%, all of them are 5%, people quickly get addicted.

15. Juul and Becore (a company that specializes in activities) work together to deliver free e-cigarettes in large quantities and free samples in many ways for quality offline activities, with an average of more than 5,000 Juul deliveries per event. They launched many “Get a Free # Juul Kit” campaigns on Twitter for participants. At all kinds of festivals, crazy brands show up, sponsor lounges, and then offer large amounts of $1 Juul or free Juul.

JUUL CEO apologize

16. Juul doesn’t care about his arbitrary price. He has discounted many times on the official website from 15 to 40%. In 2015 – 2018, Juul sent 100 + discount posters on social networks, three times a month on average, including percentage discounts (40% discount for 15 – entry suits), direct price reductions (half-price entry suits),  buy one get one free pod, etc.

17. Juul pushed his auto-subscription crazily and encouraged everyone to subscribe to cartridges. Keep emailing.

18. Ask your friends to buy it, and you get $15 for yourself. (Note that Juul sells for $29.9.) Then your friend can get $15 cheaper (half-price directly)! This activity is called Helping Your Friends #TlockToJUUL. Title: $15, Get $15

19. JUUL go on a campaign frenzy in all the festivals.

20. Juul’s advertisement advocates the switch of smokers to Juul, such as “helping smokers switch to JUUL” and “helping mothers switch to JUUL”.

21. Juul affiliate is a very powerful partner program that works with multiple online websites / brands (https://impact.com/is a partner in their brand resources). Although Google and FB don’t allow such advertisements, they bypass this problem if they do it themselves. That is to say, the partners directly ask them to get the material. If you bring in revenue for Juul, new customers give you 25% revenue and old customers 10%.

22. JUUL’s social network: youth (youth vitality) first, funny meme second, pop culture third, cartoon related figure fourth, Juul’s smoking skills fifth.



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