ANYX-the Pod System Expert-Unveils Zero Nic Max Plus Pods at Vaper Expo UK 2023, Delighting Vaping Enthusiasts

ANYX, the leading vape brand, made a dazzling appearance at the Vaper Expo Birmingham, United Kingdom, spanning three days from 27th~29th October. During this event, ANYX not only attracted a substantial number of attendees eager to experience their products but also released their new product- ZERO NIC ANYX MAX PLUS POD, catering to the needs of both non-nicotine users and consumers with a penchant for various flavors.

Situated at booth E110, ANYX’s display area consistently saw a steady influx of visitors, underscoring the increasing recognition of the brand and the compelling quality of its products. Sanking Han, CEO of ANYX, was present at the event and expressed the core brand philosophy that ANYX has steadfastly adhered to during an interview. This philosophy centers around placing users at the core and continuously striving to provide electronic cigarette products that align with their usage habits, all while maintaining a strong commitment to product innovation.

anyx Sanking stated, “ANYX is a kind of lifestyle more than just a vape brand, an attitude towards pursuing quality. We are dedicated to offering exceptional products in the realm of vapes, continually satisfy our users, and consistently setting new benchmarks for the sustainable development of the vaping industry. Vaper Expo UK serves as an excellent platform, enabling us to engage directly with consumers, gather their feedback, and showcase our innovative achievements and brand philosophy.”


The release of ZERO NIC ANYX MAX PLUS PODS at this event sparked considerable attention. This new product provides consumers with a choice of ten rich flavors, including Lemon Soda, Ice Cool, Oolong Tea, Jasmine Tea, Orange Squash, Grapefruit Ice, Mango Ice, Blueberry Ice, Black Coffee, and Lemon Tea. The introduction of this diverse range of flavors is intended to meet the preferences and tastes of various vapors, with particular consideration for the needs of beginners who prefer nicotine-free products.

In addition to their product innovations, ANYX has a strong focus on expanding their global market presence. Sanking also noted that the brand will be concentrating on the European market, actively advancing their localization efforts to better cater to the preferences of local users. Simultaneously, ANYX remains unwavering in their commitment to ensuring product compliance, guaranteeing product quality and safety, ultimately creating lasting business value for their wide customer base.

ANYX’s outstanding performance and the launch of their new products have elevated them as a rising star at the Vaper Expo UK, underscoring their continued innovation and development within the vaping industry. It’s worth noting that ANYX’s participation in this event coincided with the brand’s one-year anniversary. In just one year, ANYX has made significant inroads into the majority of the Asia-Pacific and African markets and has most recently made an ambitious entry into the European market. As a brand specializing in pod system electronic cigarettes, in an industry undergoing a transformation, their extensive market presence and unwavering user support exemplify their brand strength and product quality. Furthermore, it signifies ANYX’s ambition to pursue internationalization and seize a prominent position in the global market.

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