ASMODUS Pyke pod system review

The Pyke electronic cigarette produced by Asmodus has entered the era of pod vapes, which is really convenient for users. The small body is put in the pocket, and can be taken out anytime and anywhere. Of course, the premise is that adult smokers who have reached the age of 18. And those who have no addiction to cigarettes, please do not use it! Teenagers are forbidden to use it!

However, although the volume has become smaller and lighter, the decline of taste and electricity has become the pain point of pod vape products. From time to time, the e-liquid run out. Otherwise, there is no electricity, and the battery can not be replaced to “survive”. Only find a power source to charge, and wait for the revive.

Pod capacity is enough, battery life is longer, this is the voice of many pod vape users.

Made by Asmodus, Pyke’s pod system has achieved this- the pod system capacity is 2ml, the battery capacity is 480mah, making the happiness longer!ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke adopts the classic “American style packaging”. In terms of size, it is compressed to the minimum as far as possible. It is mainly simple and practical, and there is no fancy content on the packaging, including brand, product name, brief introduction, QR code, safety logo and safety warning, which is simple and direct.

ASMODUS Pyke review

In addition to the outer cover, there is also a layer of packaging inside, which is also simple style. The logo shading of Asmodus and Pyke express the relationship between Pyke and Asmodus intuitively.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke package is divided into upper and lower layers. The upper layer is device and USB charging cable, and the lower layer is provided with user manual, warranty card and three flavors of pods.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke pod is sealed with aluminum film, and silica gel sealing plug is set at the bottom and top, which greatly reduces the risk of e-liquid leakage in storage and transportation.

The flavor of the three pods in the set are mint, tobacco and guava, all of which are imported from the United States with the original brand.

At present, most of the pod starter kit are equipped with 2 1.6-1.8ml pods. The retail price of Pyke is 298 yuan, and 3 2ml full-scale e-liquid. It is still very affordable for users.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke uses food grade PCTG tested by FDA in the selection of pods, which makes the entrance more comfortable.

The size of the air inlet at the bottom of the pod is large, but the actual suction resistance is not loose, because there are two small-diameter air holes in the device to prevent the condensate inlet.

At the same time, Pyke also designed a “condensate wall chamber” inside the pod, which is an important guarantee to prevent the condensation inlet.

Pyke’s atomizing core adopts a new type of “black crystal ceramic cotton core”, which combines the advantages of ceramic and cotton core together. In addition to being more durable, it also brings a delicate, soft and mellow taste.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Pyke device is made of aluminum alloy. The overall size is 100.5mm × 22.3mm × 12.6mm, and the weight is only 32g. The built-in 480mah large capacity rechargeable lithium battery core and 2ml sufficient pod are added. Compared with similar products, this data is relatively excellent, light, small size, large capacity and long endurance.

ASMODUS Pyke review

Actual experience

● classic tobacco concentration 5% nicotine

Pyke’s tobacco taste style is oriented to American style tobacco, which has a positive taste and strong fragrance. Although the concentration of 5% is adopted, it has a proper sense of hitting the throat, a smooth and non irritating throat, and a fast stop cigarette craving effect.

● fresh mint concentration 5%

The taste of mint is not obvious. There is no “traditional Chinese medicine taste” that most people don’t adapt to. Although the same concentration is 5%, the sense of throat striking is higher than that of classic tobacco. In addition, mint itself has its own throat striking buff. The overall taste is relatively stimulating, which is suitable for users with large tobacco addiction or scenes eager to solve the addiction.

The overall style is fresh and cool. It’s a cool feeling accumulated from the throat. It’s comfortable.

● pomegranate concentration 5%

It has a good taste, strong fruit flavor, moderate throat beating, soft and smooth taste. After the smoke exhaled, it has a light cool feeling, especially in the aspect of sweet and sour reduction, with a slightly sour aftertaste.

ASMODUS Pyke review


Asmodus has produced a number of popular products in the age of mod, and has a deep understanding and experience for the needs of users. To some extent, the pod vape products produced by Asmodus can also reflect the brand’s prediction on the market.

Small, portable, large capacity, high endurance, every point is very considerate to consumers. Next, it is reported that Pyker will also launch an open type refillable cartridge, which can not only fully compatible with the “old driver” series of e-liquid, but also greatly reduce the user’s use cost.

The traditional brands of e-cigarettes all focus on the open structure, which also reflects that when the market develops to a certain stage, the user’s use cost will become an important reference index to achieve the purchase.

Whether the product is designed or used, it should always be “human-oriented”.

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