Did VOOPOO submit a PMTA?

VOOPOO is a popular mod vape brand in USA and many dealers are starting asking about the PMTA of VOOPOO. Then, does VOOPOO have plans for PMTA?

According to online information and reply from VOOPOO official, sadly, VOOPOO seems to have no plan for PMTA because PMTA costs too much money.

It’s Chinese New Year Holiday now so we don’t expect their detailed reply yet. And we’re reaching out to VOOPOO official for future updates about the PMTA. Stay tuned with VAPE HK and follow the VOOPOO PMTA updates

Update: 29th, August, 2020

Why do vape shop owners care PMTA so much?

Some vape shop owners in the USA said, “Being in the industry myself, I’ve been advised against the PMTA by my lawyers. Currently, it’s too big of a gamble and in the end, the PMTA will be useless for e juice since most stores would be gone. If the FDA does approve a PMTA, where would I sell? Vape shops will not survive with 5-10 flavors since customers will transition to online stores which most likely will continue selling until forced to stop.”

Only With a PMTA, you can be safe from the flavor ban and any other political regulations.

Therefore, PMTA is the admission of a brand to sell in USA legally and reduce the law risk of vape sales to a minimum degree.


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