Discover Puffmi’s C800: Revolutionizing Vaping with Unparalleled Smoothness and Flavor

Puffmi is embracing the challenge of market expectations and regulatory standards by launching the Disposable C800. This remarkable innovation encapsulates a perfect blend of pleasurable, cost-efficient vaping while remaining compliant with current TPD regulations. The C800 offers an unforgettable vaping experience, offering 800 smooth and satisfying puffs, while allowing users to keep track of their e-juice levels through the visible e-liquid tanks.

C800’s Showstopper: The FEELM Max Ceramic Coil

The Disposable C800 is a stellar example of state-of-the-art technology combined with superior performance. The core of this device is the cutting-edge FEELM Max ceramic coil, known for its excellent heat transfer and e-juice distribution abilities. This ceramic coil, created as an alternative to traditional cotton or silica wicks, promises a more uniform and delicious vaping experience while ensuring an extended lifespan.

Puffmi Introduces Disposable C800—Consistently Satisfying and Flavorful
Remarkably, the FEELM Max Coil generates an astounding 800 puffs from just 2 ml pre-filled e-juice. This translates to a significant 40% puff quantity increase compared to its competitors, adding a flavor boost and ensuring smooth puffs.

Feel the Energy, Count the Puffs

The Puffmi Disposable C800 is a testament to the brand’s dedication to improving the vaping experience. The device seamlessly marries pleasurable, cost-effective vaping with TPD compliance, proving that responsibility and enjoyment are not mutually exclusive. True to its slogan, “More Than You Can See,” the C800 is spearheading a future where every puff is valued, all thanks to a visible e-liquid tank allowing vapers to keep track of e-liquid and battery levels.

In the rapidly evolving vaping landscape with numerous e-cig products, the Disposable C800 stands as a game-changer that redefines standards, promising a future that’s not just on the horizon, but already here. Prepare to be part of the revolution with Puffmi’s Disposable C800.

Puffmi Introduces Disposable C800—Consistently Satisfying and Flavorful

Excellence in Every Detail

The elimination of cotton ensures no e-juice is wasted, thereby maximizing the potential of each cartridge. Paired with the FEELMAX coil’s nano pores, the C800 creates a system that produces impressive clouds, 25% more than conventional devices. This synergy ensures an enriched vaping experience, complete with remarkable cloud production and intense flavor.

The C800 houses a formidable 500mAh battery, thoughtfully designed for sustained power and unwavering performance. Experience a vaping journey unlike any other, as the C800 delivers consistent, long-lasting performance without compromising on satisfaction.

A Flavor for Every Preference: Over 20 Varieties

With a deep understanding of individual uniqueness, Puffmi aims to personalize the vaping experience with the Disposable C800. Offering a vast selection of over 20 diverse flavors, Puffmi caters to every vaper’s preference. Whether you favor fruity notes or traditional tobacco essence, the C800 has something to satisfy your taste buds.

Puffmi Introduces Disposable C800—Consistently Satisfying and Flavorful
Puffmi’s commitment to delivering an exceptional vaping journey is exemplified by this broad variety, allowing you to indulge in a flavor that matches your palate. Puffmi is dedicated to delivering a unique vaping sensation that’s tailored to your specific taste. Discover the extensive range of flavors and embark on a bespoke vaping adventure with the C800.

Vouched For by a Dedicated Vaping Community

The Disposable C800’s remarkable reputation stems from the enthusiastic feedback and experiences shared by over 500 local users. These vapers have personally experienced the product and unanimously attest to the consistently smooth and satisfying taste, establishing the C800 as a market leader.

The FEELM Max Ceramic Coil not only delivers a notable 40% increase in puff quantity but also a vaping experience defined by super smooth and satisfying flavors. The positive reception from the vaping community, coupled with the practical advantages of the visible tank, cements the Disposable C800 as a top choice for vapers across all levels.

Puffmi Introduces Disposable C800—Consistently Satisfying and Flavorful

Puffmi’s Commitment to a Superior Disposable Experience

Puffmi’s launch of the Disposable C800 marks a significant leap into the future of vaping. By incorporating the FEELM Max technology into a disposable vape, they’ve expanded the realm of possibilities in this sphere. But their efforts aren’t just about innovation; the C800 embodies a commitment to superior satisfaction and longevity.

Get ready to experience the power-packed performance of the C800. It’s highly recommended to make Puffmi’s Disposable C800 your first vape today, for a smooth and satisfying day! For more product information, visit the Puffmi C800 product link at: https://www.puffmivape.com/c800-product/


Puffmi, founded in 2021, is a rising innovative vaping brand. Dedicated in fastest development and improvement of the disposable vape tech. From 0 to $27 million revenue in just 9 months. DISCLAIMER
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