Feelm chief scientist Dr. Shi gives a speech at ENDS conference

Smoore's Damo Academy is revealed for the first time

The third ENDS Conference hosted by SMITHERS Group, a well-known scientific and technological consult and research institute with a century-old history, was held in London. This conference focused on the latest technology, materials and global policy trends of electronic nicotine delivery systems.

Due to the excellent performance of FEELM black pottery film atomization core on ENDS and Smoore’s innovative ability in the field of atomization technology, Dr. Shi, the chief scientist of Smoore, was invited to give a keynote speech on FEELM-Technological Power Subverts the Atomization Experience and participate in the Scientist Round Table Conference. As a global leader in atomization technology, Smoore is the only invited representative from China in this international conference.

Smoore scientist Dr. Shi at the speech
Smoore scientist Dr. Shi at the ENDS speech

More than 120 scientists from global tobacco groups, e-liquids producers, component manufacturers, testing institutes, legislative organizations and law firms, including BAT, PMI, JTI, Imperial and JUUL, as well as the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH), British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), participated in the conference.

Smoore’s innovative ability is recognized and appreciated internationally, and it is due to Smoore’s R&D and innovation resources and abundant innovative achievements in the field of global atomization technology closely.

Smoore’s Damo Academy

Damo Academy originated from Shaolin, where the first ancestor of Zen Buddhism, Bodhidama, studied martial arts. Bodhisattva ancestors learned Yi Jin Jing and Shui Sutra here, two important Buddhist scriptures. And the Basic Research Institute is Smoore’s Damo Academy for Smoore.

Basic Research Institute smoore research center
Smoore research center

Smoore Basic Research Institute is headquartered in Shenzhen and has three research branches in China and the United States. At present, it has more than a dozen doctorates from top universities and research institutes in the United States, Europe and China, and hundreds of experts in materials and engineering research. They are engaged in research and exploration in the fields of atomization mechanism, design and technology of atomized materials, safety of atomizing heaters, etc.

Smoore research center
Smoore research equipment

Dr. Shi, chief scientist of Smoore, graduated from Tsinghua University and Georgia Institute of Technology, and has long worked in a well-known multinational company in the United States. He has 25 years of research experience in ceramic-related materials. Every year, Smoore invests more than 100 million yuan in basic research, and has built a first-class analysis and testing center with international CNAS certification. At the same time, Smoore has cooperated with leading universities in the field of materials and applied engineering such as Princeton University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University and South China Technologies in academic research and projects.

FEELM realizes industrial application from technical conception here

Smoore started the research of ceramic heater in 2012. FEELM black ceramic film-coated atomizing core is one of the important achievements of Smoore’s Basic Research Institute.

novel atomization technology

Atomization technology has experienced different stages of development, such as fiber wire, organic cotton, stainless steel mesh, ceramic inlaid heating coil before FEELM, but there are some obvious defects in performance.

Good atomization technology needs to bring ENDS: more efficient Nicotine delivery, more pure & smooth flavor, lower harmful substance (HPHC) emissions, and more perfect overall consumer experience (reducing leakage rate, no exploding noise, good consistency of vapor, etc.).


Compared with the previous atomization technology, FEELM black ceramic film-coated atomization core has better performance.

1. Higher heat conduction efficiency in the same working condition:

1. Higher heat conduction efficiency in the same working environment:

2. More vapor in the same working condition:

Comparison of particle size distribution between FEELM atomizing core and cotton core
The contrast of particle size distribution between FEELM atomizing core and cotton core

3. Richer and more stable atomizing in the same working condition:

Contrast of Dynamic Distribution of Vaping times of FEELM Atomizing Core & Cotton Core Particle Size
The contrast of Dynamic Distribution of Vaping times of FEELM Atomizing Core & Cotton Core Particle Size

The overall data show that the performance of FEELM atomization in closed pod products is much better than that of traditional cotton core technology, and from the global consumer review of FEELM, it is well-deserved to be the most popular atomization technology for the closed pod system.

Moore’s Law of Atomization Technology

Microscopic Structure of FEELM Black Pottery Coated Atomized Core
Microscopic Structure of FEELM Black Pottery Coated Atomized Core

In 1965, Gordon Moore, one of the founders of Intel, summed up Moore’s Law from his long-term practice of tech brand managing and scientific and technological brands running. Its content is: when the price remains unchanged, the number of transistors that can be accommodated on the integrated circuits will double every 18 months, and the performance will also be doubled. In other words, the performance of computers that can be purchased for every dollar will double every 18 months, which means that the iteration cycle of technology will become faster and faster as technology advances.

At the end of ENDS, Dr. Shi was interviewed. Dr. Shi expressed confidently but with a typical Chinese modesty, “Any technology will have an iteration cycle, and new achievements will emerge in the atomization technology, but FEELM black pottery film-coated atomization core is undoubtedly the best atomization technology for closed pod systems at present .”


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