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Kungfu MINIS product packaging won the Oscar Silver Award in the design industry

In the middle of the night on September 24, 2020, news came from London, England that Sichuan China Tobacco’s heat-not-burn product Kung Fu MINIS packaging won the silver award on Pentawards.

According to reports, Pentawards, known as the Oscar of the packaging design industry, each year’s award-winning works have to a certain extent become a vane of future trends in the industry.

Since its inception in 2007, the Pentawards competition will employ 12 well-known designers around the world and packaging design directors from well-known companies to form a professional review team to evaluate packaging design works from all over the world.

It is reported that this time Kungfu MINIS packaging can highlight the final award. The judges agreed that the work is forward-looking, modern and transformative in terms of brand and design.

The originality of the product packaging is: KUNGFU MINI series products define “to the future”. Shuttle in space is human’s yearning for the future. In order to give products more imagination, the shape of “space shuttle” came into being.

Kungfu MINIS packaging is a transparent rectangular parallelepiped. In order to visually present the “Space Shuttle” suspended shape, the entire packaging uses a combination of transparent material PET and environmentally friendly paper to make the product more technological.

The lower part of the package is made of pet material to form a blue glacier, and the top part is molded to form a galaxy star. The heater is placed inside the package, which means “space shuttle” travels through the universe.

This brings more imagination to users. The PET silk-printed product structure diagram makes the packaging more futuristic. Products with different colors represent different planets and the naming increases the connection between products and packaging.

Relevant personnel of the “Kung Fu” brand said that this award is a great affirmation to our design team and an encouragement to the subsequent development and innovation of the Kung Fu brand! We will cherish this honor and turn it into a driving force to continue to bring consumers better, newer and more creative products.



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