Laan, Relx and MOTI, three engines that boost the Chinese domestic vape market explosive growth together

Laan, Relx and MOTI, three engines that boost the Chinese domestic vape market explosive growth together

Capital began to enter the vape market since 2018 and reached its peak in 2019, which is also the year in which electronic cigarettes are defined as entrepreneurship’s best year. According to incomplete statistics, more than 20 brands of OEM/ODM have been invested by angels in the domestic e-cigarette market. Among them, the lowest amount of financing is RMB 5 million, the highest amount is RMB 50 million, and some even have received the second round of financing, and the value is US$800 million. These cutting-edge brands are mainly devoted to the R&D, design and marketing of pod vapes. Their products are major by OEM.

Despite the emergence of a large wave of new brands in a short period of time, few brands can really have the strength to open the market and promote the development of the Chinese domestic e-cigarette market. In the view of many people in this circle, from product design, brand packaging, marketing, product education to other aspects of the evaluation, Laan, Relx and MOTI are the three major Internet brands are doing a better job, known as the Troika to promote the explosive growth of the Chinese domestic vape market.


Laan, under the Shenzhen Laan Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2016, the founder is Zhu Yaxuan. In September 2017, IDG, INNOL Angel Fund and other angel rounds have invested millions in it and it was valued at tens of millions of dollars. In 2018, round A negotiations with internationally renowned investment institutions have come to an end, and Laan’s valuation has exceeded 100 million yuan.

In September 2018, Laan launched the corresponding environmental protection measures, joined hands with vapers, tried to protect the environment and better establish green awareness among users. It launched the “Empty Cartridge Retrieve Plan” for the first time. Guard the environment with the most beloved vapers. They collect the empty cartridges and then concentrate on degrading them properly (Laan notes that they are not recycling, which is actually more expensive), while giving Vaper some small incentives to actively participate in its environmental activities.

In October 2018, Laan hosted the “See It at a Sight – Laan New Autumn Product Presentation in 2008” at Crown Holiday Inn Lido, Beijing. At the launch meeting, Laan’s new Lite Laan in 2018 and Small Case charging box in autumn were introduced, and Laan Basic Law was issued. According to Zhu Yaxuan’s on-site introduction, Laan Basic Law as Laan’s internal “e-cigarette culture book”, is intended to “clean up the source” in order to unify Shanlan people’s thinking and behavior norms. This conference shared this basic law with people in the hope of arousing discussion and reflection among people and consumers both inside and outside the industry, thereby generating a brand-new understanding of the development status and core technology of domestic electronic cigarettes, promoting the construction of the standard system of domestic electronic cigarettes and the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.


RELX, which belongs to Shenzhen Foggy Core Technology Co., Ltd., was founded in 2018, and its founder is Kate Wang. In 2018, Source-code capital led the investment, IDG followed 38 million financing. In 2019, the fund Shanhang Capital (CEO Yang Haoyong of Cheduo Group) financing is not revealed. Currently, RELX is valued at $800 million,
On January 1, 2019, RELX held a product appraisal meeting in Xi’an to introduce the knowledge of electronic cigarettes and review the series of RELX electronic cigarettes.

On March 26, 2019, RELX held a product trial meeting in Lanzhou, which integrated the style of fashion trend, literature and music and attracted the attention of many young people.

Up to now, Relx has successfully opened up the young people’s electronic cigarette consumer market, accounting for 75% of the users are post-80s and 90s. According to its company data, as of January 2019, about 20% of users aged 18-25, 36% of users aged 26-30, 35% of users aged 31-40, and 9% of users aged 40 or over, of which 75% are post-80s and post-90s.  Click here to view its official site.


MOTI, a star product belonging to MAGMA Electronic Cigarette Company, has been well-known in the electronic cigarette industry. The predecessor of MOTI, MT, exists in China at the senior level, even as a benchmark for Chinese cigarettes. In December 2018, MT was upgraded to MOTI and received a $10 million investment from the True Fund Pre-A Round.

In December 2018, MOTI officially cooperated with CBA Shenzhen Marco Polo team. This season, Shenzhen Marco Polo team is in a superb state, ranking third in the League after CBA hegemony Guangdong and Liaoning. And the MOTI LOGO on the floor of Shenzhen Team’s main stadium has increased exposures with Marco Polo’s excellent performance, which frequently appeared in the lens of major mainstream sports media.

In February 2019, as the only electronic cigarette brand in the official cooperation of The Wandering Earth, MOTI became popular with the strong IP trafficed film.


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