Magical Flavour

Magical Flavour, a Direct Factory with Reasonable Price & Low MOQ

Magical Flavour is a professional flavor manufacturer, specializing in food-grade flavor for e-cigarette liquid/juice. We are the source supplier and direct factory, and our factory is over 1500 square meters with GMP workshop labs, advanced R&D equipment and 100,000 level dust free clean room. Our flavors are compliant with ISO22000, HACCP and GMP certificate, etc. We have been in this industry for almost 10 year and cooperated with many top brands of E-liquid in the world.


Why has Magical Flavour been popular as an e-liquid/juice manufacturer in this industry for so long? The reason is that Magical Flavour is a direct factory, we have our own brand, all flavors are developed by our flavourist, and produced by professionals after several processes. Each of MF flavors has been tested over hundreds of times by the research team, and absorb the feedback of our clients all over the world to ensure a perfect taste before they are ready to introduced to eliquid/juice manufacturer.


Reasonable price is also one of the important factors for clients to choose Magical Flavour. Since we are the source manufacturer, all flavors are directly manufactured by purchasing raw materials, rather than purchasing other flavors for secondary processing, which avoids middlemen earning the difference in price. Secondly, we have the advantage of purchasing raw materials in bulk, and the prices given to us by raw material suppliers will be more affordable. Therefore, we can provide clients with products with lower prices and better quality, which ensures the market competitiveness and profits of clients who use Magical Flavour.


If you are an established e-liquid manufacturer and have been immersed in this industry for several years, I suggest you choose Magical Flavour. Our high quality and low price are a very good choice for you to control various costs. In addition, the research and development strength of Magical Flavour is strong. The new flavors published is measured on a monthly basis. Every month, we will launch new flavors with unique taste to ensure the innovative needs of clients. If you are just based in this industry and have a good e-liquid recipe, the minimum order quantity of Magical Flavour is as low as 1L, which is very friendly for new product development and market testing.


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Magical Flavour

Magical Flavour is a professional flavor concentrate manufacturer, specializing in food-grade flavor concentrate for E-cigarette liquid/juice manufacturing. Our factory covers in 1500 square meters with GMP workshop labs with advanced Research & Test equipment and 100,000 level dust-free clean room. DISCLAIMER
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