Maskking Lights Up timelapse.fest Alongside Major Brands in Morocco

Timelapse Music Festival, Morocco’s premier music extravaganza, received a significant boost this year with the joint sponsorship of global vape brand, Maskking, alongside renowned partners such as Maybalnie, Absolute Vodka, Aïn Saïss, Doppel Munich Lager, Casablanca Beer, and CUPRA. As the sole electronic cigarette brand, MaskKing brought an extra layer of excitement to the festival, drawing crowds to its booth and receiving enthusiastic acclaim for its products, showcasing Maskking’s undeniable influence in the Moroccan market.

Maskking, renowned for its innovative and high-quality products, stands as a leader in the international markets, encompassing design, production, and sales within its core operations. Its participation in the Timelapse Music Festival underscored Maskking’s commitment to being at the forefront of vaping cultural and community building. This collective sponsorship not only enhanced the festival’s appeal but also reinforced Maskking’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections with its audience.

Maskking Lights Up timelapse.fest Alongside Major Brands in Morocco

During the timelapse, Maskking captivated audiences with immersive activations and showcases featuring its popular products, Apex Pro, Ucee, and Super CC. Among these products, the most popular product in Morocco is Super CC, which offers fruity, iced tropical flavors with a cocktail vibe, perfectly capturing the essence of summer. Its high-capacity design puts users in the mood for enjoyment, complemented by a slick design and solid build with an excellent grading color effect. More than just a vape, Super CC is a fashion and identity statement.

Maskking Lights Up timelapse.fest Alongside Major Brands in Morocco

“We are thrilled to have partnered with Timelapse Music Festival alongside esteemed international brands like Maybalnie and Absolute Vodka,” said Alice, spokesperson for Maskking. “As the sole electronic cigarette brand at the festival, we were surprised by the vibrant and dynamic energy of the Moroccan market, and reinforcing the Maskking’s strong connection with Moroccan consumers.”

As one of the critical markets of Maskking expanding its global footprint process, Morocco has a significant meaning. By cooperating with Timelapse, Maskking remains steadfast in its commitment to delivering premium-quality products that empower Morocco consumers to embrace a healthier lifestyle.

About Maskking:

Founded in 2015, Maskking is a leading global provider of atomizer devices. With a strategic focus on innovation, quality, and service, Maskking vape is devoted to leveraging innovations for a healthier life. After more than eight years of development, Maskking has become one of the largest vape brands in Russia, South America, and the Middle East.

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