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Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series

Upgraded Nicotine X experience

On November 26, Myst Labs, a leading electronic cigarette brand, held a global online new product launch conference of “Myst HERO – Born Extraordinary” and officially released its new flagship product, the Hero series. In addition, Myst Labs also shared its research and development plans under the two new nicotine technology platforms for the first time, and demonstrated the latest scientific research results for the first time.

Five major innovations and upgrades, Myst Labs HERO fully interprets “Born to be extraordinary”

At the meeting, Thomas Yao, the co-founder of Myst Labs, introduced Myst Labs HERO to users around the world. As a new generation flagship product, Myst Labs HERO has innovated and upgraded in five aspects: e-liquid technology, appearance design, vaping mode, user experience, and design details, in an effort to create a “born extraordinary” user experience.

The Myst Labs HERO series of e-liquids all use the Nicotine X technology independently developed by Myst Labs, which reduce the nicotine content to 1.7% on the premise of having a better taste. Compared with earlier products, Myst Labs HERO is equipped with a customized POWER ceramic core for the first time, which can activate a clearer throat hit through a pure and natural vapor, a clear scent and a stable and long-lasting reduction degree, allowing users to enjoy the extraordinary experience of Nicotine X in the delicate cloud.

Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series

Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series
Thomas Yao, co-founder of Myst Labs, releasing the new flagship product, Myst Labs HERO

In appearance design and vaping mode, Myst Labs HERO has also made ingenious attempts. Its devices are inspired by minimalist elements such as light and shadow, plane and line, and come with the best six colors including interstellar dark blue, titanium sky light gray, forest light green, glazed aurora, sunset gold powder, and polar night cold black. These colors show unique future technological aesthetics. In addition to the “customized” appearance, users can also “customize” the gameplay of Myst Labs HERO: After 4 seconds of continuous drawing, vaper will enter the Hero Mode, which instantly increases the amount of smoke and makes the smoking experience more pleasant as you wish.

Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series
Myst Labs HERO adopts futuristic aesthetic design to show cyberpunk romance

Based on long-term user research, Myst Labs HERO has also upgraded a number of user experience and design details: triple silica gel, four-layer bone position, and omnidirectional sealing ring to create eight times leakage protection, effectively solving the problem of vape juice leakage and condensate from the cartridge. In multiple negative pressure, high and low temperature cycle tests, it has achieved “no e-juice leakage from naked pods”; the chocolate mouthpiece adopts a flat design and fits the lips better; the cartridge capacity and battery capacity are upgraded to 1.9ml and 400mAh, catering to the need of a full day vaping. The dual design of magnetic pod connection + buckle make the air tightness stronger and create ultra-quiet drawing enjoyment.

Thomas Yao said: “We hope to enrich the lifestyles of adult smokers through technological innovation and design, and inspire everyone to experience every aspect of their lives through these little pleasures, so that everyone become their own hero. Myst Labs HERO is such a sincere work. In the process of continuous exploration, we have always adhered to our original intention – using straightforward scientific language to reduce minors’ curiosity about e-cigarettes.”

Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series
Thomas Yao talks about the original intention of Myst Labs

Nicotine technology dual-platform parallel, the latest research and development results debut

At the press conference, Chief Scientist Dr. Chenyue Xing also revealed the direction and progress of Myst Labs in the research and development of new nicotine technology. At present, Myst Labs implements a multi-channel parallel platform research strategy, and has deep cultivation and breakthroughs in the X scientific research platform based on the theoretical innovation of nicotine salt and the Y scientific research platform for breakthroughs in non-nicotine salt technology.

As the basic core technology of the X scientific research platform, Nicotine X is now fully applied in Myst Labs’ reloading products. At the press conference, X-presso 2.55, the latest scientific research achievement of the X platform, made its debut with Myst Labs HERO: the series was developed for people with high addiction needs, and only contained 2.55% nicotine and 1.2% organic acid. It quickly realizes the anti-addiction effect equivalent to 5% nicotine within 1-3 puffs. Currently, the three flavors of Myst Labs HERO have applied this new tech first.

Myst Labs releases the new flagship product HERO series
Dr. Xing Chenyue interprets the features of Myst Labs X-presso 2.55 Super Addiction-relieving Series

Next, Myst Labs plans to launch the X-PLUS technology with higher anti-addiction efficiency and flavor stability on the X platform, and gradually apply the nicotine X technology to non-vaporized tobacco products including HNB. At present, Myst Labs has reached in-depth cooperation with a number of non-vaporized cigarette brands. Experiments with partners have proved that the use of nicotine X technology can greatly increase the efficiency of nicotine addiction elimination in heat-not-burn products, the smoke is more mellow, and the throat hit is strong while does not choke smoker.

In addition, the Myst Labs Y scientific research platform is committed to using non-nicotine salt formulation technology nicotine Y, without additional organic acids, while neutralizing the alkalinity of nicotine and providing the same fragrance and sweetness as natural tobacco. No need for fragrance, experience the taste similar to cigar. At present, the development of the platform has entered the Beta stage.

At present, Myst Labs has more than 300 specialty stores and 10,000 retail terminal outlets in more than 200 cities in mainland China, and has settled in Wanda, Vanke, Max City, Yintai, Joy City and other well-known large-scale shopping malls and supermarket chains. In addition, Myst Labs has launched sales in the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Malaysia and other international markets. In the UK, Myst Labs has settled in 36 large shopping malls and 300 e-cigarette retail stores across the UK, including the famous high-end department store Selfridges. It has also entered a British public hospital, becoming the first batch of e-cigarette products in the UK that can be purchased with medical insurance.

According to the relevant person in charge, Myst Labs HERO will first launch sales in mainland China and then gradually enter the overseas market. “Myst Labs is a technology-based brand. In the future, Myst Labs will continue to aim at ‘being extraordinary’, continue to make efforts in technological iteration and product development, reduce the curiosity of young people about e-cigarettes, and create a life with more possibilities for adult smokers.”

To learn more details about Myst Labs new product HERO, please contact Myst Labs on their official site:

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