Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Today, I’m bringing you one of the most popular pod vape devices. It is VINCI developed by VOOPOO with care.

About the brand:

When it comes to VOOPOO, we need to talk more. VOOPOO was founded in 2014, when mod vape prevailed. It is believed that all old friends from that time will remember that the king once had a trident logo, a stable wood patch, and an invincible X200 box with extremely powerful and domineering hand. In 2017, VOOPOO acquired invincible (the right way to write it should be WOODY), began to enter the e-cigarette market, and achieved great success. The epoch-making device – 0.025 seconds ultimate heating, the real blazing-fast vaping experience, up to now, “Instant vaping” is still active in the hands of friends who love mod vapes, we can see its excellent performance.

Before that, we also reported several introductions about VOOPOO and its new product VINCI. This time, we carried out the review directly.

VINCI, the best electronic cigarette device of the year, launched on the whole network!

VOOPOO makes the world see a new generation of China’s “smart” manufacturing!

VINCI interprets the user value of epoch-making products under the transformation of electronic cigarette industry

VOOPOO new VINCI won the best device award in 2019!

VINCI new generation vape – VINCI, an epoch-making product compatible with mod and pod vapes together!

And can VINCI in our hands continue the myth? How can VINCI, carefully developed and built by VOOPOO, win the best device award in 2019? Next, it’s the unboxing time..

[Packaging & Design]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

In the aspect of packaging design, I sincerely hope that VOOPOO manufacturer make a tear strip on the cellophane of the outer packaging, which will greatly improve the convenience and the use experience…

[Open package & package content]

This review is about the peacock blue version, the decorative board similar to the invincible stable wood patch is really good-looking. VINCI’s debut brings us four colors: Aurora, carbon fiber, peacock blue and scarlet.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Basic package content

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The drawer type packing box comes with device * 1, 5.5ML large capacity tank * 1, 0.3 ohm mesh core * 1, PNP 0.8 ohm core * 1, USB charging cable * 1, instruction, warranty card, etc. Let’s talk about the instruction manual here. For the instruction manual printed in multiple languages.

[Actual user experience]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

First of all, we use a 0.3 ohm core, which can be clearly seen from the figure as a net structure. Its vapor volume and e-liquid vaporizing are relatively maximized.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The SALTY BASTARD vape juice is still used for the test. In the core of 0.3 ohm, the layer feeling brought by Lucky 13 is quite clear. It’s smooth to enter the throat. At the moment of exhaling, it’s like honey and caramel mixed with hazelnut. The fragrance is mellow and full, and the aftertaste comes with the sweet smell of vanilla and tobacco. Moreover, the mesh core magnifies the sweetness hidden in the SALTY BASTARD, and really gives the user experience of the whole taste of Lucky 13.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After changing to 0.8 ohm, PNP’s silk and cotton core, the ruffian of riding salt 40mg was added. A light puff (manual mode), full of vapor at the entrance, entering the lung through the throat. When inhaled, the smell similar to nuts spreads out along the esophagus. When exhaled, caramel mixed with tobacco, just one mouthful, endless satisfaction and throat hit come up immediately. It’s no exaggeration. It’s really just one bite. Although the delicate experience is a little dizzy, it really tastes good.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

VINCI has a super cool appearance, and its zinc alloy body also has a high-level sense. Although it is a stuck the hand, it is stuck in the comfort degree. In addition, there are three modes in the dual-mode format.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

The visual enjoyment brought by 0.96 inch TFT color screen is very good. Is it familiar to see this layout? Hee hee ~ ~ ~ the top of the screen is the brand logo and the power display, and the middle is the current wattage setting and a green lock. Next down are the number of puffs and the number of seconds of the last inhalation. On the left side of the lower part, there is a letter P, which represents that the current mode is manual mode, and only pressing and holding the key to ignite can user draw. On the right side, the display shows the resistance and the output of the electric voltage. The non ignition value is 0, which changes with the drawing. In this mode, press and hold the ignition key and down key at the same time to clear the number of puffs. Press and hold the ignition key and up key at the same time to lock the device. That is to say, whether you press the key or draw directly, the device will not work. Put it in your pocket or bag, and don’t worry about it working by mistake, which greatly reduces the risk of use.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

After pressing and holding the ignition key and the up key to unlock, the ignition key will be unlocked three times in a row. At this time, the mode will turn into automatic mode. In this mode, you can choose to draw directly or press the ignition key. The response speed of key ignition is really fast. Thanks to the powerful GENE.AI chip, the instant vaping can be better inherited. However, the response speed of air switch is still strong despite the slight delay. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, it will not work unless you use the air switch. Safety is OK, too.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

A very interesting A & P mode, as the name implies, double vaping by hand. It is similar to the automatic mode, i.e. both vaping modes are available, but, however, in this mode, the direct vaping response speed is positive and the eruption is fast. After testing, in this mode, use 0.8 core to vape butyl salt, as long as a SIP (slightly more than 1 second), the vaping experience is excellent. The only criticism is that even if the vape juice tank is turned and the suction resistance is changed, the puff is still slightly empty. It is estimated that it will be better to replace with a 1.2 ohm PNP core. If there are friends who like tight draw resistance, they can also hold down the air inlet on both sides of the device when vaping. But, however, don’t press it too tightly. In this way, not only it can’t be vaped, the atomizer is very hot. In this mode, after you lock the wattage, even if you press and hold the ignition key, as long as you do not vape, it will not work, of course, you can directly vape. How to say, this mode, like the automatic mode, except for the air switch, even if it is pressed, you don’t want to ignite.

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

As shown in the above two figures, the side with the e-liquid filling hole is inserted into the front, which is particularly comfortable for the use of mod vape. Deep lung inhalation and ignition will increase with your vaping time, whether it is button or direct vaping, it has necessary delay, which is positive and protective, avoiding the sudden heat of deep lung vaping and e-liquid. When you twist 180 degrees, insert the side with the VOOPOO logo into the front, which increases the vaping resistance to a certain extent, and the ignition response is relatively positive (in both modes), so as to meet your ultimate experience of one mouthful into buzz, two mouthfuls into ecstasy, and three mouthfuls into fantasy.

[Overall review & summary]

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Exquisite appearance, excellent workmanship, careful design and solid hand feel are the vapor enjoyment brought by VINCI. Of course, the problem of vaping resistance may perplex some friends’ vaping experience. (the premise is that it’s the nicotine salt) the waste of e-liquid caused by the failure to change the e-liquid tank (the mod changes the nicotine salt, and the e-liquid and heating core must be changed), and the atomizer can increase the sweetness (it is recommended that those mod e-liquid with sweetness should not be used as much as possible, except that you like sweetness). These are also its little regrets. But there is no perfect person and there is no perfect thing in the world. As far as we can see, VOOPOO is worthy of the name of a big brand and Vinci is worthy of the name of Chinese Da Vinci.

Of course, at the end of the article, I still hope that when the manufacturer designs the products in the future, he can leave a hot spot tearing strip on the cellophane, which can win more praise. Although Vinci compete with another well-known similar pod vape, each product has its own advantages and disadvantages. Only by carefully selecting the appropriate device can we not feel that the product itself is bad. Here, I sincerely hope that Vinci can sell well. The above only represents the personal point of view, do criticize me if you don’t like, we will see you next time!

//VOOPOO, a national brand, brings 8 innovative technologies, including its new Vinci new generation GENE.AI intelligent chip, innovative positive and negative dual airway design, manual and pneumatic double inhalation mode//

Popular VOOPOO VINCI review

Where to buy VOOPOO VINCI


Exquisite appearance, excellent workmanship, careful design and solid hand feel with a little problem of e-liquid waste. A creative pod vape worth buying.

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3 years ago

I would like to buy the product. where will I buy the product? could you give me the price?

3 years ago
Reply to  Anonymous

Inquire on their official site and you’ll see. Maybe they’re still on holiday now.

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