SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

On November 13, 2019, Smok won the “Committed to Quality” award of the Golden Leaf award, the authoritative international tobacco industry award at the 2019 Tabexpo 2019 Amsterdam.

The Golden Leaf award is an international tobacco award sponsored by the tobacco reporter and sponsored by BMJ company, in recognition of enterprises and brands with outstanding achievements and contributions in the tobacco industry and electronic tobacco industry. It is known as the wind vane of the global tobacco and electronic cigarette industry for its authority, gold content and popularity. The Golden Leaf award of Smok not only further demonstrates the leading position of Smok in high-end e-cigarette brands, but also points out a new trend for the global e-cigarette market.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

As a global leading brand of electronic cigarettes, Smok electronic cigarettes adheres to the innovative spirit of independent research and development, quality first and the pursuit of ultimate user experience, and always regards product quality management as the core element of enterprise production and operation. Smok keeps surpassing innovation in industrial design and manufacturing process, and at the same time strictly controls production quality. In 2019, it provides users around the world with a series of classic products with leading technology, reliable quality and excellent experience, represented by RPM40 and fetch Mini.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

Based on a high degree of confidence in the quality of its products, Smok took the lead in realizing a one-year super long warranty in Europe, and for the fetch mini, it pioneered a 30 day worry free exchange commitment for glass breaking. At the same time, Smok has established after-sales centers in Shenzhen, Los Angeles, Charlotte, Buffalo, London, Hungary and Budapest. With excellent product quality and perfect after-sales service, it has completely solved the worries of users’ purchase. Smok has rapidly established a good reputation in the global market.

SMOK won Golden Leaf award at TABEXPO 2019 Amsterdam

With the strengthening of supervision of e-cigarette market in the United States, China and other countries, the industry has entered a new period of consolidation. Many practitioners say that the cold winter of the market has come, but Smok still adheres to the high-quality strategy and firmly believes that only good products are the guarantee of “winter”. And in the cold winter to save energy for the spring wind will usher in a greater outbreak. When the storm eye of electronic cigarette industry is gradually stopped and the tide is gradually fading, Smok sets a model for the industry with the perseverance of making products on a down-to-earth basis and leads the industry to the right and bright road.


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