Recently, China Tobacco Guangdong Industry Co., Ltd. Golden Leaf Cigarette Factory (Macau) Co., Ltd. listed the first batch of heat not burn tobacco products listed in Laos, marking the official appearance of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC new tobacco products in the overseas market. China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC is also the third company in the industry to introduce heating and non-burning tobacco products.

guangdong heat not burn guangdong heat not burn

The new tobacco products MU+ and ING are the first vape products to be launched successfully by China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC after nearly five years of technical reserve and continuous research and development.

guangdong heat not burn guangdong heat not burn

The first products on the market include two types of heating appliances, as well as Chinese-style dried tangerine peel and mint-flavored cigarettes, which are rich in incense and have a high degree of comfort to smoke. It is suitable for different consumer needs and has strong product competitiveness.

guangdong heat not burn

What is Vaping? guangdong heat not burn

China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC innovative heating and non-burning tobacco products adopt disordered formula tobacco technology, flavoring technology and processing technology. The cigarettes use independent research and development design materials, structures, and formula tobacco sources to solve the current source of raw materials for smoking media. It breaks through the bottleneck of equipment in industrial mass production and improves the sensory quality stability of the product.

guangdong heat not burn

The debut of new tobacco products reflects the three advantages of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC in the field of new tobacco work:

guangdong heat not burn

First, make full use of Macao Golden Leaf and Cambodian Winnipeg to create a new tobacco production and sales base and system;

Second, industrialized mass production has been realized on existing equipment, and its core patents have no risk of infringement;

Third, on the basis of technical reserves, the overseas test sales of heating non-burning tobacco products were quickly completed.

guangdong heat not burn

As the first new tobacco product of China Tobacco Guangdong Industrial LLC, the first sales of MU+ and ING in Laos is only the first step. As the products are iterated and updated, the series will attract more and more consumers.


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