Uwell Caliburn AZ3 pod system review: Tiny starter kit with powerful performance

The Mini, The Mighty?

The Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 is part of the new Caliburn series and falls into the compact vaping device category. At first, I thought it was a half cut from a normal vape. If the vape’s length is just half the size of a Razer mouse, it’s amazing, especially considering the battery is 750 mAh. With several features and a sleek design, it’s worth taking a closer look at what this device offers.

Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 Specifications:

  • Size: 68.9×23.8×23.6mm (Tiny and portable size)
  • Battery Capacity: 750 milliamp-hour (mAh)
  • Pod Type: Compatible with Caliburn A3 pods
  • Coil Resistance: 0.8 ohm pre-installed and 1 ohm spare
  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Charging Port: Type-C
  • Display: Pulsing LED indicator
  • Output: 17W max
  • Airflow Control: Yes
  • Design: Metallic housing, lanyard loop, and a sleek appearance, top fill, auto draw activation

Uwell Caliburn AZ3 pod system review: Tiny starter kit with powerful performance

With its blend of sleek aesthetics and functionality, the AZ3 has been designed keeping the users’ convenience and style in mind. The metallic housing lends a robust feel, while the lanyard loop adds a touch of practicality. The device’s specifications provide an insight into what makes it a great pick for vapers. With a 750 mAh battery capacity, Type-C charging, and compatibility with a3s pods, it’s not just about looks; the AZ3 brings a suite of features aimed at enhancing the user experience. The easy-to-use airflow control and 2ml e-liquid capacity further underscore the thoughtfulness in design. Now, let’s delve into some of the distinct advantages and downsides that make the AZ3 unique.


  1. Compact and Stealthy Design: The AZ3’s metallic housing and compact size make it highly portable and visually appealing.
  2. Decent Battery Life: With a 750 mAh battery, it’s impressive for such a small device, allowing extended use between charges.
  3. Easy to Fill and Use: The top-fill design makes it easy to fill, and the device allows airflow control, offering customization to users.
  4. Good Flavor Production: Known for delivering satisfying flavors, it keeps up with the reputation of the Caliburn series.
  5. Compatibility with A3S Pods: If you’re a fan of the A3S pods, this device is built to work with them, adding to its appeal.
  6. Stable Sitting Position: Due to its body style, it sits nicely on a table, making it handy and less prone to falling over.


  1. Charging Port Position: The charging port’s placement on the bottom may require you to lay the device sideways during charging, which could be an inconvenience for some.
  2. No LED Control: While it doesn’t have the flashy LEDs like its counterpart, GZ2, some users might still prefer control over any lighting features.
  3. No Lanyard Included: Despite having a lanyard loop, the device doesn’t come with a lanyard, which might disappoint those who prefer to carry their vape in this manner.
  4. Limited Battery Capacity Compared to GZ2: Though impressive for its size, it still falls 100 mAh short of its sister product, the GZ2, potentially meaning less vaping time.

Uwell Caliburn AZ3 pod system review: Tiny starter kit with powerful performance

Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 vs GZ2 Comparison

While both the AZ3 and GZ2 belong to the Caliburn series and have several similarities, they also have distinct features that set them apart. Here’s a detailed comparison between the two devices:


  1. Design Aesthetics: Both devices boast sleek metallic housings, compact designs, and distinct Caliburn looks.
  2. Charging Port: They share a common Type-C charging port, enhancing the convenience for users with multiple devices.
  3. E-liquid Capacity: Both have a 2ml capacity for E-liquid, standard for many compact vaping devices.
  4. Airflow Control: Both devices allow users to control airflow, enabling customization based on individual preferences.
Specifications Caliburn-AZ3 Caliburn-GZ2
Materials Cartridge: PCTG
Device: Aluminum Alloy
Cartridge: PCTG
Device: Aluminum Alloy, PC
Dimensions 68.9 mm × 23.8 mm × 23.6 mm 72.5 mm × 28.9 mm × 22.9 mm
Net Weight 39.5 g 47 g
E-liquid Capacity 2 ml, offer TPD, FDA, INT version 2 ml, offer TPD, FDA, INT version
Output Power Maximum 17 W Maximum 17 W
Pod/Coil Specifications FeCrAl Meshed 0.8 Ω CALIBURN A3 Refillable Pod (preinstalled 0.8 Ω)
FeCrAl Meshed 1.0 Ω CALIBURN A3 Refillable Pod (additional)
FeCrAl UN2 Meshed 0.8 Ω CALIBURN G Coil
FeCrAl UN2 Meshed 1.2 Ω CALIBURN G2 Coil
FeCrAl 1.0 Ω CALIBURN G Coil (sold separately)
Battery Capacity 750 mAh 850 mAh
Filling Top filling by removing the mouthpiece Top filling by removing the mouthpiece
Airflow Control No Yes
LED Breath-Pulse LED indicator TRON-Style RGB Light
Lanyard Yes Yes
Type-C port Yes Yes


  1. Battery Capacity: The GZ2 has a slightly larger battery of 850 mAh, compared to the AZ3’s 750 mAh, potentially offering a longer vaping duration.
  2. Pod Type and Coils: While the AZ3 uses a3s pods, the GZ2 utilizes G Series pods. The AZ3 has 0.8 ohm pre-installed and 1 ohm spare coils, whereas the GZ2 offers 0.8 ohm pre-installed and 1.2 ohm spare coils.
  3. LED Lighting: The GZ2 features haptic feedback and LED lighting, a feature absent in the AZ3. This might appeal to those who like a more visual experience.
  4. Lanyard Loop Design: Although both devices have lanyard loops, there are slight differences in their design and placement, which may affect user preference.
  5. Form Factor: The GZ2 has a slightly altered design, described as looking like a “mini Caliburn” from the front and taking on a different profile when viewed from the side, compared to the AZ3.

The choice between the Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 and GZ2 would largely depend on individual preferences and specific needs. If you prefer a slightly larger battery, LED lighting, and G Series pods, the GZ2 might be your choice. However, if a more stealthy design, compatibility with a3s pods, and a slightly smaller and more traditional Caliburn appearance appeal to you, the AZ3 might be the better option. Either way, both devices carry the quality and performance expected from the Caliburn series, making them strong contenders in the compact vaping market.


The Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 is a solid addition to the Caliburn series, catering to those who appreciate stealthy, well-designed vaping devices. It combines good looks with functionality and is likely to be a hit among fans of the a3s pods. While the charging port’s positioning and the absence of some extras like a lanyard may deter some, the overall package seems well-rounded for those seeking a portable and satisfying vaping experience.

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The Uwell Caliburn ZEGA AZ3 is a new part of the Caliburn series. It looks cool and works really well. Some people might not like where the charging port is, or that it doesn't have extra things like a strap. But the best thing about it? It's easy to carry around and gives a great vaping experience.

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