VAPORESSO’s Tour hits the road in Indonesia and UK; set to canvass next through USA

Highlights of VAPORESSO's first international tour

SHENZHEN, China, Nov. 30, 2021 — VAPORESSO’s award-winning vape kits and products have long been available online and at vape stores across the world. In November, the world’s leading vape manufacturer expanded its global footprint by introducing its first-ever international tour to provide retailers and customers across the globe with added service, surprise giveaways and a first-hand look at VAPORESSO’s newest products.

Hitting the roads of Indonesia starting on Nov. 8, VAPORESSO’s decked-out van continues to canvass through a total of 300 vape shops across the mega-cities of Jakarta, Bandung, and Surabaya. As part of its Indonesia tour, the VAPORESSO van is stopping by popular stores and wholesalers to recommend and give out free products.

VAPORESSO Tour in Indonesia

While the exciting promotions and giveaways remain secret for customers and vape shops to discover on their own, one thing is guaranteed: the van will draw massive customer traffic to the places it visits.

VAPORESSO has become one of the world’s most innovative vaping brands, thanks in part to growing customer enthusiasm for their products.  The international tour was conceived as a way to thank its retailers and customers by giving back and celebrating together with them.

As the Indonesia excursion continues, the VAPORESSO tour also kicked off in the UK on Nov. 22 — starting its canvassing in the northwest city of Manchester, England and continues through to Birmingham from December 6th– 10th.    Similar to Indonesia, the UK tour features stops at major vape shops and distributors, offering oodles of exciting giveaways for lucky customers.


While its time in the UK is shorter than in Indonesia, the VAPORESSO caravan itself is significantly longer. A decked out RV-style truck packed with VAPORESSO goodies ensures no customers or wholesaler goes without attention. The brand has also purchased LED light advertising banners on moving LED light trucks throughout the region’s major cities.

In late December, a USA tour kicks off starting in Houston, followed by stops in several more states.  The tour will include a giant VAPORESSO-branded LED light truck filled with giveaway products and supplies to promote to major wholesalers, in addition to making a few stops at popular vape shops along the way.

Among the company’s industry-leading new products include the rugged and outdoorsy yet sleek and comfortable Target 100 and 200 mods. Designed with DTL vapers in mind, the Target 100 and 200 are water-resistant and leak-proof, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Also to be gifted on the tour, the worry-free XROS 2 and XROS Mini models offer incredibly long-lasting batteries and award-winning CMF design for MTL vapers. Finally, VAPORESSO’s newly released ZERO 2 is a widely acclaimed, safe and user-friendly upgrade from the vape manufacturer’s popular ZERO kit.

VAPORESSO’s global tour is the first of its kind for a vaping brand — yet another illustration of the company’s pledge to provide a high-quality vaping experience and move beyond ordinary.

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