Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable vape review: an exquisite little pod with good taste

Zovoo Cubebar 600 taste and flavors
Zovoo Cubebar 600 vapor amount
Zovoo Cubebar 600 ease of use
Zovoo Cubebar 600 comfort in Hand
Zovoo Cubebar 600


Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable vape looks cute outside and tastes brilliant in rich flavors. Though the endurance is not longer than 1k puffs, it's a wonderful disposable vape that most vapers will like.

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Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable vape was launched few days ago. It comes with delicate and cute cartoon packaging. Then how does this new disposable vape work? Let’s take a look now.Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable vape review

Zovoo Cubebar 600 hands-on

Take away the packaging in a minute then you can start vaping. It’s quite convenient and foolproof working with Cubebar 600.

The device is lightweight and compact. Much lighter and smaller in size than I imagined. Very suitable for putting in pocket, and it’s pretty stealth vaping with it.

Different from the design style of the classic DRAGBAR series, the new Cubebar adopts a cube and fashionable appearance. While CUBEBAR 600 is exquisite and compact, CUBEBAR 2500 and CUBEBAR 4000 have simple and advanced texture, all with a crystal clear appearance.

With 2 ml capacity and 20 mg/ml nicotine strength, CUBEBAR 600 is the only UK-compliant product. The other two variants come in 20 mg/ml and 50 mg/ml strength with 6.5 ml and 11 ml capacities respectively for CUBEBAR 2500 and CUBEBAR 4000.

The updated Mesh Coil enlarges the heating area and accelerates the heating speed, highly restoring taste. And the vapor amount is also decent for pleasant vaping. In addition, CUBEBAR adopts multiple leakage-proof design to solve the problem of oil leakage during transportation, storage and vaping.

The product boasts a richer mix of flavors with different sweetness and ice degrees, including Honeydew Ice, Pineapple Mango, Blood Orange Ice, Ginger Lemonade, Cola Ice, Red Bull Ice, Watermelon Mint, Peach Oolong, Blueberry Raspberry Lemon and Passion Fruit Lime.

The flavors we got like cola, lemonade, honeydew, etc. are all fantastic during our test. It’s a premium vaping experience brought by high-end e-liquid with appropriate ratios. It’s natural, pure, fragrant and irresistible. The author likes it much.

Zovoo Cubebar 600 parameters

Capacity: 2ml
Resistance: 1.5 Ω
Nicotine Strength: 20 mg/mL
Battery Capacity: 400mAh



Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable works as good as many mod vapes, while it’s much easier to use than mods. This device makes the most of the advantages of disposable vapes and realizes an optimal vaping experience. The only downside is the puff count is not large and durable enough. However, compare to those 200 puff tiny disposables, 600 puffs of Cubebar is just right.

Where to buy Zovoo Cubebar 600 disposable vape


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