Analysis of Two Types of Domestic Heat-not-burn Vape Box & eGo Device

At present, there are two types of heat-not-burn vape devices like iQOS on the market, one is heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX, and the other is heat-not-burn eGo device.


In foreign countries, IQOS is the successful representative of the heat-not-burn e-cigarette device among the eGo, which is favored by consumers all over the world! In China, in recent years, many e-cigarette companies have launched their own heating without burning vape products, and there is no defect in quality. This article haven’t introduced the heat-not-burn e-cigarette device developed by China Tobacco Company.


The heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX

Smokjoy IM  


Smokjoy IM is a heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX introduced by Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd.


If you are interested in the above products, please leave a message on the contact page of VAPE HK.

IBudy  i1


IBudy 1, is a heat-not-burn e-cigarette device BOX introduced by Shenzhen Buddy Vape Technology Group.

Kecig 4.0


Kecig 4.0 is the fourth generation heat-not-burn vape device BOX introduced by Shenzhen Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd. (Former Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd).


The heat-not-burn vape device eGo

Kecig 2.0


Kecig 4.0 is the second generation heat-not-burn eGo introduced by Shenzhen Yanshen Technology Co., Ltd. (Former Fly Smoker Technology (HK) Co., Ltd).

Dry Tobacco Toba


Dry Tobacco Toba is a heat-not-burn eGo is introduced by Shenzhen GreenSound Technology Co., Ltd.


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