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YouMe Group about to invest 4 million yuan more in Jinjia Group’s subsidiary

On January 12, Jinjia Group announced that it intends to sign the “Investment Agreement on Shenzhen Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd.” with Shenzhen YouMe Network Technology Co., Ltd. and the yet-to-be-established employee stock ownership platform partnership.

According to the announcement, YouMe Group intends to increase the capital of Shenzhen Jinjia Technology Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinjia Group, by RMB 4 million. After the transaction is completed, it will hold 8% equity of Jinjia Technology; the partnership intends to increase its capital by RMB 15 million for Jinjia Technology. , After the completion of the transaction, it holds 30% equity of Jinjia Technology.

YouMe Group about to invest 4 million yuan more in Jinjia Group's subsidiaryAfter the completion of the aforementioned transaction, Jinjia Technology’s registered capital increased to 50 million yuan, Jinjia Group holds 62% of Jinjia Technology’s equity, Jinjia Technology is the holding subsidiary of Jinjia Group, and will not cause changes in the scope of the consolidated statement.

It is reported that YOUME GROUP, established in 2014, started with e-cigarette system solutions and deployed Suorin, idols, YouMe HNB, VAPEJOY, F&D, and other brands, covering heat-not-burn and e-cigarette devices, core patent technology, etc.

A few years ago, it stood out with Suorin Drop and Suorin Air. After gaining recognition in the international market, accelerate the planning of new tobacco segments. The plan to increase the capital of a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jinjia Group this time could be an important step in the strategic layout of the entire category.


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