Shenzhen’s E-Cigarette Exports Skyrocket, Dominating Nearly 70% of China’s Total

Shenzhen, a bustling metropolis known for its technological prowess, has once again made headlines. This time, it’s for its booming e-cigarette exports. According to data released by the Shenzhen Special Zone Daily, the city’s e-cigarette exports for the first half of 2023 reached a staggering 26.2 billion yuan ($4.1 billion), marking a year-on-year increase of 35.8%.

A Closer Look at the Numbers

The numbers are even more impressive when you consider that Shenzhen’s e-cigarette exports account for a whopping 69.3% of China’s total e-cigarette exports, which stood at 37.78 billion yuan ($5.9 billion) for the same period.

The Bigger Picture

Shenzhen’s overall trade figures also paint a picture of economic resilience and vitality. The city’s total imports and exports for the first half of 2023 amounted to 1.68 trillion yuan ($263 billion), a year-on-year increase of 3.7%. Of this, exports accounted for 1.05 trillion yuan ($164 billion), up by 14.4%, while imports stood at 628.49 billion yuan ($98 billion).

Trade Partners and Sectors

Shenzhen’s top four trading partners were Hong Kong, ASEAN, the European Union, and the United States, with respective trade volumes of 273 billion yuan, 256.4 billion yuan, 190.49 billion yuan, and 176.25 billion yuan. These four regions alone accounted for over half of Shenzhen’s total trade volume.

Busy Shekou Port, Shenzhen
Busy Shekou Port, Shenzhen

What’s Fueling the Growth?

Private enterprises, primarily small and medium-sized, have been the main drivers of Shenzhen’s trade growth. These dynamic companies accounted for 64% of the city’s total trade, contributing to a 5.6 percentage point increase in Shenzhen’s overall trade growth.

Beyond E-Cigarettes

While e-cigarettes have been a standout, other sectors have also seen significant growth. Exports of electromechanical products totaled 784.88 billion yuan ($122 billion), up by 9%, and labor-intensive products saw an increase of 33.9%, amounting to 112.84 billion yuan ($17.6 billion).

Final Thoughts

Shenzhen’s e-cigarette export boom is not just a testament to the city’s economic vitality but also a reflection of the growing global demand for vaping products. As the e-cigarette market continues to evolve, Shenzhen seems poised to remain at the forefront of this lucrative industry.

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