How to rebuild the balance between the disposable vape and pod kit?

DISPOD overview

As we all know the disposable vape develop fast in the past years, people love their vape bar so much because of the rich flavors, affordable cost and user-friendly design. On other hand, the prestigious pre-filled ceramic pod kits like Vuse Alto and Njoy are always popular.

ALD is thinking about how to create a product that can cover both benefits, just like a pod mod. Pod Mod means a device that mixed box mod and pod kit, people can enjoy the big vapor and multi-operation experience as a box mod, most important you will not worry about the mod’s big size anymore.

As a top manufacturer, ALD is trying to find a reasonable balance between disposable vape and pod kit. Currently, we call it DISPOD.

The best benefit of DISPOD is rechargeable battery design so that users can save the cost of an extra battery. Compared to the regular pod kit, we make the DISPOD at a lower cost but a bigger capacity.

Besides, DISPOD can match 2%-5% salts nicotine perfectly, you can get an amazing throat hit and flavor from your DISPOD.

We are not sure if the DISPOD will be a lucky dog in the vaping market, but our concept will be around how to improve user satisfaction, it is long-term homework we are doing.

ALD GROUP LIMITED focus on OEM/ODM  service since 2009. We sincerely hope that we can develop this great industry together with outstanding players all over the world.

Welcome to share your great idea with us, together we can make everything became real.

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