Vape Brand Analysis: Why has ANYX Become a Dark Horse in the E-cigarette Market?

According to a market research in Southeast Asia, it shows that, compared to before, closed pod system vapes have became more recognized and favored by dealers and consumers. In terms of brand market share, RELX and ANYX rank among the top 3.

It is known that ANYX was established in 2022 by Eigate. It is relying on user-driven, with the mission of “providing users with fulfilling and delightful sensory experiences allowed by high quality, aesthetically pleasing products”. At present, ANYX has covered more than 20 countries and regions in the world, including Europe, America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and has more than 10,000 terminal sales outlets worldwide.

Vape Brand Analysis: Why has ANYX Become a Dark Horse in the E-cigarette Market?

As a new and vigorous brand, why can ANYX achieve such brilliant results? Let us to analyze them one by one below.

Strong Background

ANYX core members include well-known technical experts from the vape industry, top consumer electronics, FMCG, and Internet fields. They have rich practical experience and resource advantages in product development, channel operations, and brand marketing. In addition, ANYX has more than 2,500 industry patents, 120 production lines and 3 dedicated production bases. So that, ANYX attracts the attention of investors, and received $10M in financing since its inception.

Quality Products

Based on user-driven, ANYX brings users a unique vaping lifestyle. At present, ANYX has launched a variety of products such as GO, PRO, MAX and diversified popular flavor pods. The highly innovative and breakthrough product design and user experience are widely praised by users and have brought many surprises!

ANYX’s exclusive SENSIT Coil, has a super strong liquid-holding ability while quickly conducting e-liquid, can achieve instant suction and delivery, brings a very explosive and full taste when used. At the same time, SENSIT’s unique e-liquid core separation technology blocks the flavor change caused by the long-term contact between storage cotton and e-liquid. When used, it not only fully guarantees the freshness of flavors pod, but also effectively avoids accidental leakage.

Cooperation with Channels

In terms of channel expansion, ANYX is actively looking for channel partners that match its values, and implements a vertical agency model of localized and refined operations. In addition to providing strong support from the brand, it also fully respects the subjective initiative of the partner and gives enough independent management rights. Moreover, establish a sales system and operating style with localized characteristics in the host country.

Localization Promotion Strategies

Vape Brand Analysis: Why has ANYX Become a Dark Horse in the E-cigarette Market?

ANYX is good at combining local market characteristics. ANYX goes deep into various scenarios used by users, especially takes important local traditional festivals as the carrier, highlights festivals and cultural atmosphere, and innovates and enriches marketing activities. Combined with online independent stations, offline stores, supermarkets to achieve a full-dimensional layout, quickly improve brand awareness, expand product coverage, establish a brand image, enhance customer awareness and feelings, and help partners open up regional markets.

With a strong background, combined with all-round and serialized combination punches, it is no surprise that ANYX has risen rapidly.

As vape competition is increasingly fierce, it is hoped that ANYX can continue to develop more competitive products and bring more pleasant experience to vape fans around the world!


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